Friday, October 31, 2014

Hotshots Party Halloween Style

The Hotshots walked into the spot ready and steady for a Jameson Halloween themed party! It was time now to enjoy the theme as promised.

Every party needs a thirst quencher with a spicy edge to fuel all the hard work that was taking place on the dance floor. So the Hotshots made a stop at the cocktail bar every now and then for a very necessary drink. So lip spanking were the drinks that the housemates kept coming back for more amidst their reveling, twerking, hip-swaying and general seducing if the dance floor.

Back at the ranch however, Luis wasn't in the mood for much... but Mira maybe? So he stayed behind while the young and young at heart busted move after move at the Jameson Halloween Party. The fellow preferred pining after his long lost beau over a night out as he sat down, bespectacled, and polished his ballad to the evicted housemate.

In the background he conspired with his country mate Permithias to hide bottles of alcohol nipped from the cocktail bar while Permithias got into a tricky heart-to-heart with, in his own words, fellow "leprechaun" JJ around their seemingly estranged relationship during his term as Head of House.  

A big Halloween thanks to Jameson for a themed party to beat all themed parties!

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