Thursday, October 09, 2014

Housemates Fight Over Food

Alusa did mention that he was anticipating some conflict to ensue since the change in atmosphere due to the latest task from Biggie. Luis had noticed how teams had started cooking meals for themselves and said that the house was thick with tension.

Soon after, a quarrel began in the kitchen over food. It lasted for over 15 minutes with JJ trying to explain the situation as well as defend Samantha for cooking for her teammates. Macky2 dismissed all arguments stating that not cooking for the whole house was not excusable. Butterfly said that it was not worth it to divide the house in the manner that it had been divided because in the very next week, they would be made to work in different teams or possibly all together even.

It seems that drama is already beginning to detail the relationships in the house. Will we see more of this drama or was the atmosphere just ripe and ready for any spark of conflict at that particular moment? With the food story semi-solved, one wonders how the preparation of meals will go tomorrow.

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