Monday, October 06, 2014

Housemates Find A Musical Connection

Frankie and Nhlanhla are talking music, finding common ground through a mutual love of artists such as Salif Keita and Youssou N'Dour and how even though the South Africans cannot understand the language they sing in, they love it still as it speaks to the soul. Are we seeing the beginnings of an alliance, based on the universal language of music?

Permithias is excited about which of the girls were showering in the altogether last night. This has definitely raised the interest of some of the guys.  The housemates are all feeling each other out and using this time to find out about each other.

Permithias and Kacey Moore are also jamming on guitar with Permithias singing "Tell it like it is". Smooth and lyrical, he does have a beautiful voice, a talent worthy of the name Hotshots. "Love is only just a heartbeat away" he is gaining some fans in the house and no doubt all across Africa. With everyone vying for attention, it appears he who currently sings the loudest will get the most attention.

Sabina and Idris appear to be cozying up to each other, his arm draped around her shoulders whilst they are deep in conversation.

Impromptu jam sessions seem to be the order of the day. Will this harmony continue as the game progresses? Will common ground lead to enmity or will it strengthen bonds and create alliances? One thing is for sure, the games have begun and everyone is feeling each other out. The introductions have been done, there’s a final prize for these fascinating housemates to vie for.

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