Saturday, October 25, 2014

Housemates Get Another Chance

Housemates may have lost their wager earlier on in the week but all hope is not lost after Biggie came to their rescue and struck a one-time deal with them. It involved housemates taking special care of how they manage food in the house and sharing.

After being impressed with the way they've responded to the deal, Biggie thus told them to gather in the lounge and revealed a task they'd be taking part in to win back a percentage of the luxury budget. This afternoon, housemates had to play a carnival game called duckshoot. Each housemate was given a chance to throw a ball on the ducks in a stall. The ducks had a percentage each, housemates were however not allowed to win more than 100%.

Each housemate took their chances but it was only Ellah (5%), Idris, M'am Bea (50%), Arthur, JJ (50%) and Frankie (5%) who managed to hit the ducks. So before all the housemates could finish, they'd already won back their whole luxury budget.

Soon they'll be shopping for their luxuries for the coming week, congratulations housemates!

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