Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Idris Punished

Big Brother gathered the housemates in the lounge for a special announcement. Addressing the room, Biggie reminded the Hotshots that responsible maintenance was expected in the house. Because Idris had not adhered to this rule by breaking a door at the previous Friday night party, he had to be punished. Big Brother told him he was to be at the beck and call of Head of House, JJ, and was to do all his activities and chores in the house which included cooking, cleaning and fetching.

The punishment was to last for 48 hours and JJ received a whistle which he could use to summon Idris whenever he needed him. The rest of the housemates thought the punishment was highly amusing and JJ was delighted at the prospect.

Idris was not at all impressed, saying "I'm officially a dog." JJ immediately went in search of his whistle and then told the rest of the housemates to assist Idris in the event he did not know where to find things in the house.

It will be interesting to see how this punishment plays out and whether JJ will abuse his power. After all, it could come back to haunt him when the punishment is over and once there is a new Head of House in place. Idris thought JJ was going to pay him back for everything he had done to him, but JJ did not feel that Idris had done anything against him and the two have gotten along so far. Idris started his new "job" immediately, grumbling "I did not knock the door, the door knocked me." Do you think the punishment was fair?


  1. Hahahaha,,,,at least its not a strike! it will be OK Idris!

  2. It's okay as long It's not a strike.