Friday, October 31, 2014

Immunity At Stake

Team A, also known as Team Downtown, had been hard at work, but were unable to iron out the tension amongst them. In an effort to be a leader, JJ was still getting on people's bad side, particularly Sheillah's. The Head of House was trying to get everyone to take the rehearsal seriously, but Sheillah thought the whole thing was a huge joke.

Reminding them that immunity was at stake, JJ felt it was important they did a good job, but Sheillah said she did not care about immunity. Kacey Moore stepped into his role as moderator, trying to put a lid on the tension, by telling everyone that the Extravaganza was meant as entertainment value and they were meant to have fun. JJ was rattled by the altercation and said they could not have fun if everyone did not do their part. Sheillah, for her part, just kept on giggling.

While the disagreement was raging aside, other housemates got the opportunity to talk to Big Brother about it. He also carried on asking them about what scared them, and Frankie confessed it was snakes. Nhlanhla shared his Halloween memories and showed off his self-styled skull T-shirt, telling Biggie his fears were pain and death.

Housemates have been overworking themselves and really need this party tonight. Only a few hours left!

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