Saturday, October 11, 2014

Is It Too Late For Trezagah?

With the first round of evictions only a day away, we wonder along with Samantha, Tayo and Lillian if it may be too late for Trezagah to up his game and win the hearts of African voters. The three were talking this morning about how the Mozambican rapper only awoke to the realisation that being in Biggie's house was a serious game!

Samantha started the conversation by exclaiming to the rest that they had a new housemate. After they inquired whom she was reefing to, she laughingly said that she was talking about Trezagah. She told Lillian and Tayo that the quiet housemate asked her yesterday what being in the house was truly about as all he did was eat and sleep. The three musketeers giggled away at how Trezagah was confused by the clashing ego’s and people constantly in a battle to outshine another.

Samantha said that she asked him if there was a different side to him than what he was showing them and that Trezagah admitted that there was. Tayo chipped in and said that Trezagah was the type of guy that one could hardly notice because he is so quiet. Samantha said that it is only now that he wakes up and recounted that he was playing the piano this morning.

What does this mean for Trezagah? He clearly has not been playing the game since he stepped into Biggie's house and in the diary session of Day 1, he told Biggie that he kept to himself and watched everyone else. Is it too late for Trezagah as evictions happen tomorrow or can we trust that his quiet persona will warm the hearts of voters?

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  1. Trezajah is so going home 2moro,wht kind of a hotshot is he ?