Monday, October 27, 2014

JJ Is Head Of House

This week's Head of House task came in two-fold and the first part was the qualifier. Housemates had to find red balls and the first three housemates to find the three red balls made it to the "real" battle for Head of House.

Big Brother hid green and red balls throughout parts of the garden and laundry area. He gave housemates the signal in order for them to gather out by the garden to await the beginning of the game, or rather semi-final.

When the buzzer rang the housemates fled this way and that, under table tops and over flower beds in search of the coveted red balls but it could only be three.

First it was JJ, then it was Samantha and Sipe came foraging through the crowd with the third red ball in her hand and fist in the air.

The three housemates who qualified had to each sit on a red cooler racing car at the starting grid. The buzzer sounded once again and racers had to drag their cars around the track. They could not carry the cars which proved hard enough a feat seen as the track was on grass and thus built more resistance against the racers.

Each racer had to go around three times, collecting one puzzle bag in the colour that was allocated by Biggie. After crossing the finish line, there was more. Each racer had to proceed to the stage and only then, begin assembling the puzzle.

In an intense frenzy and piece being moved back and forth, JJ managed to crack the puzzle first and won!

In a closing ceremony, JJ stood on the podium with Samantha and Sipe at his sides and outgoing Head of House Nhlanhla hung the medal around his neck, ordaining him new Head of House and only the housemate safe from eviction this week.

As the HoH, JJ also has powers to add housemate to the final nominations tonight. Who do you think the Zimbabwean will add?


  1. Add Tayo or Trez....or long as it aint my gud!