Thursday, October 30, 2014

JJ's Moment In Paradise

This morning, shortly after taking part in an intense stretching workout session in the garden, housemates looked worn out as they slowly crawled back into the house and either showered or rested on their beds to recuperate.

While in the bedroom, a seemingly tired JJ lay his bed chatting up with Samantha and Permithias. The Zimbabwean, who had only a towel wrapped around his waist later convinced Samantha to give him a back massage to which the South African beauty obliged.

As Samantha worked her hands into his back and shoulders, JJ seemed lost in paradise and most probably didn't want the little session to end. The pair talked in hashed tones and Permithias who was also lying near by seemed to be enjoying the moment as well or was he reminiscing the good old days he shared with Laveda?

Well, we sure hope the massage has helped to ease the tension that has been reported to be existing between these two.

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