Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kacey Moore Cries & Prays Frantically

With three weeks into the game, Africa finally saw the first male leave the house when Alusa was evicted. With Sabina having left the week before, it also meant Kenya was out of Big Brother Hotshots.

But just before we saw Alusa leave there had been another lady evicted when it was announced that Laveda was to leave the house. It was an emotional goodbye for both housemates, with hugs, kisses and tears all round.

Big Brother upped the level of suspense for the show, making the housemates bounce up and down off the couch, throwing everyone into an agony of anticipation and confusion as we all wondered which standing housemate would be saying goodbye.

Alusa and Laveda got a warm response from the crowd and a chance to chat to IK, giving a few final words to Africa before they made their way off the stage. But the night was not quite over, as the Extravaganza winner still had to be announced.

The honour went to the Forest Fantasy Team who were visibly thrilled about their win. Making them immune to eviction, it was understandable that they were excited. After the announcement had been made, housemates were called to the diary room to give Big Brother their nominations.

Back in the house, the winning team made their joy apparent as they sang the song from their pantomime. The other team did not look quite as happy. But the storeroom was soon opened and the housemates settled in for lots of chatter and plenty of bubbly.

Kacey Moore, however, seemed to be feeling the pressure of the game. He headed into the garden, pulled a blanket over his head and started rocking back and forth, sobbing and praying. Is he worried that he may be the next one to go home or is he shaken at the loss of his fellow housemates?

The end of the first month in the house is around the corner and the game is definitely on!  Make sure you keep on watching the Hotshots to find out who has been nominated, who will take the Head of House title this week and how the housemates handle the pressure!

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