Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kacey Moore & Ellah Show Affection

All Kacey Moore and Ellah could do last night was bond. When they had wrapped up the pantomime extravaganza performances, Ellah was spotted lovingly wiping the face paint and glitter off his face.

From then on the two friends were inseparable. Kacey Moore's face lit up as Ellah paid all her attention to him as he confessed that he was happy when she was happy.

Later on Ellah told him the story of her life, somewhat, as they got to know each other better and she felt safer and more comfortable with sharing. She told him that when she was younger she had a bad experience at a university in London and as she did she commanded Kacey Moore's undivided attention.

Their was a strong bond and their affection was written all over their eyes and body languages.

This was all very curious seen as Kacey Moore always called her his little sister, but things appeared to be much more than that between them. There was a sense of courtship at play in their friendship.

What do you think of these two?


  1. Kc Moore is in love with ellah but afraid of is wife

    1. kayce you cant hide love man it happens

  2. Hmmm. I envy this friendship

  3. To think he was mad at Idris,look at him,so cosy in bed with Ellah...

  4. Kayce Moore- are you mad ? You think we can't see

  5. i miss this tripple evicted Niggaz, as for kacey moore, you could have shun that wife thing cos d Ella got a magic staff to hold him, but his daughter is the most important thing here, not to loose the family..kudos nigga, i love your cuddling and friendship out there but thank God that that Ella with sexy booty no put u for temptation

  6. it was a beautiful friendship! Will miss kacey