Friday, October 17, 2014

Keeping In Shape

Whilst housemates went about their business - showering, cleaning up and eating breakfast - some of the Hotshots stayed outside to get some extra exercise, as usual. They seemed to stay a little longer than usual today, pumping up some iron.

Arthur, Goitse and Nhlanhla began their session immediately after the Bollywood dance session and when Goitse and Arthur retired for the shower, Nhlanhla continued with JJ, Tayo and Frankie.

Are these guys a little too in love with themselves or are they honestly maintaining their physical appearance?

Whilst the boys continued showing off their bodies to Africa, the kitchen brewed with breakfast as housemates settled around the kitchen table for their serving. Frankie soon joined housemates in the kitchen and sung non-stop; he even sang a song about making French toast. After Tayo had finished training with the boys and had showered, he also belted out his song and M'am Bea joined him for only a moment.

Housemates did not seem as divided as they were last week on their second Extravaganza task and the house was buzzing with conversation and singing. During breakfast, Biggie ordered the housemates out to the garden for a little bit of time. The mood of the Hotshots continued to be pleasant as Permithias played the guitar outside, serenading his housemates in the garden. Ellah joined him in song and soon began guitar lessons with the gentle Kacey Moore.

In no time, the Extravaganza groups gravitated towards each other and started talking about plans for their performances. The 'iron boys' didn’t seem much too tired as they joined in on the morning group work, conversations and music. Between Tayo, JJ, Frankie and Nhlanhla, who do you this is most in love with themselves?


  1. Nhlanhla is more inlove to himselves

  2. Yes I agree his always doing his push ups longer than the others