Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kitchen Argument

In the run up to the extravaganza, Sheillah, Tayo, Lilian and Esther gathered in the kitchen, seemingly motivating one another for the evening's forthcoming event. It was nothing more than posturing as, yet again, the subject came up regarding the great divide between the housemates.

Tayo and Sheillah, on opposing teams for the extravaganza, agreed they would not have chosen the strongest people if they had been in Laveda's position. Tayo implied the decision would have been purely strategic, while Sheillah felt it would have been the right thing to do. Did she have a valid point or was it merely a case of sour grapes over not being picked for the so-called stronger team?

Confirming that picking at random would have been the fairest thing, Esther entered the fray. Lilian differed on the matter, and said she would have done the exact same thing Laveda did. This is a game after all, and not everyone plays fair.

Sparks flew as the argument between the four became more intense, but it was a clear sign that housemates were starting to talk in earnest about what was on their minds, and how they felt about their fellow housemates.

Lilian even brought up the subject about her disagreement with Laveda, still miffed that the head of house, whom she had always defended, had felt the need to shout at her. Sheillah was on the verge of shouting herself, as the forthright conversation worked on her nerves, until Esther mischievously told her to go to the shower before the smell went through the camera. Will the last-minute tension increase the butterflies in their stomachs and affect their performance, or will they just fake it till they make it?

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