Thursday, October 23, 2014

K.K. To Perform On Live Eviction Show

Namibian hip hop artist Maximillion Kadeen Kaoseb aka K.K, was born and bred in the country's capital, Windhoek. During his high school years he discovered a passion for music production and song-writing. From a young age he was exposed to the work of Notorious B.I.G., Ludacris, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, 2Pac and Nas, who had a profound influence on his own work. He started to produce songs which he shared with family and friends, and in 2008 released his first radio single, "We Go Hard".

The song was well received, garnering positive reviews. Having worked on the hit with Berthold, Lil D and the late Eclipse, it spelled great things for the upcoming artist. In 2009, he had a real breakthrough in his career, as his hit debut single created waves worldwide, praised for its accessibility on high-audience mediums such as YouTube and Channel O.

That same year the song was nominated in two categories at the Namibian Sanlam Music Awards. The following year, K.K's ambitions soared and saw him establish his own record label, Bermuda Music Entertainment. The label's goals include finding young talent and facilitating their development in the industry. In addition to his new label, K.K released his debut album, aptly titled "Genesis". Its release contributed greatly to the establishment and growth of the rap/hip hop genre in the Namibian music industry.

In 2011, K.K was  nominated in the first NAMA Awards for Best Hip Hop. Since then, K.K has worked and collaborated with numerous Namibian artists in different genre and styles. This year saw the release of his second studio album, entitled "Start from Scratch", which is currently being distributed countrywide and receiving airplay on numerous radio stations.

The young artist has a huge influence on the Namibian youth, and is seen by many as an icon and role model, due to his exemplary professionalism. As a Namibian artist, K.K hopes to pave the way for other up and coming artists, and be held as an example for African entrepreneurs. His positive and encouraging attitude is exemplified by his personal motto: "Driven by the hunger and ambition for success, your boundaries can know no limits."

Catch him on the Big Brother Africa live eviction show this Sunday!

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