Saturday, October 25, 2014

Laveda Pleasures Herself

Yesterday night, after the party, a lot of drama and emotions ensued between Housemates. It started with Idris trying to make up things with Goitse. But Goitse felt she will not be part of a love triangle telling Idris that Ellah likes him. 

Idris on the other hand told her that he doesn't like Ellah and was getting angry that she wasn't communicating well to him. Although Goitse admitted she likes Idris, we can only wonder whether she being jealous of Ellah always clinging to Idris and all.

Now Laveda, who was tipsy after the "Absolut vodka" consumption, went upstairs in her intoxicated state, removed her clothes and started masturbating on Idris' bed in the sight of other housemates who were upstairs at that time. 

News suddenly reached Idris that his countrymate was masturbating in public on his bed, this then got him more infuriated saying he had to go stop her, that she is disgracing herself and their country, but housemates had to hold him back because they feared what would happen if he got to challenge Laveda.

To save the situation, Big Brother called Idris to the diary room. Moments later, Mozambican housemate Trezagah, who was still awake at that time went to Idris saying ''Do you know Laveda was masturbating?'', when he got no response the rapper said maybe he will have to find out the following day. 

Trezagah then went upstairs and was asking where the masturbating machine was. On sighting Laveda on her bed, he said, "your bed is wet, did you pour water on the bed?" But Laveda, who had already finished satisfying herself had no words.

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