Sunday, October 26, 2014

Laveda Sent Home

Three of the housemates have been up for eviction every week, JJ, Permithias and Ellah. Alusa, Macky2 and M'am Bea were up for the first time. JJ, Permithias and Ellah have been unhappy about being nominated continuously.

IK prolonged the agony by first asking Ellah about a Big Brother Africa first, Biggie singing "Happy Birthday" to her on air, he also asked her about the "Jacuzzi situation." Mr 265 was then asked about whom he thinks is wasting food in the house. Arthur was next in the hot seat from IK as he has been having nightmares and IK asked him "have you been sleeping well?" Sheillah was asked about her controversial hair-cut, having shaved it bald on air.

Nhlanhla revealed whom he nominated and then it is straight into the evictions, he tried to be fair about whom he put up. He based his decision on the Head of House task and chose Macky2 as he had the least votes. The nominated housemates were told to stand, Macky2 and Ellah were told to sit while JJ was told continue standing and M'am Bea plus Alusa are asked to sit as well as Permithias who was also asked to sit. JJ and Laveda were the last ones standing. Laveda was then told to leave the Big Brother house immediately. She was in tears and huged everybody she can on her way out.

Laveda became the sixth and female housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. 

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