Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Live Updates: Day 10

21:00 - Sipe, Ellah and Esther plead with Biggie for single guys that they could mingle with in the house. The house is buzzing with conversaztion and music in the background.

20:45 -
Kacey Moore and Butterphly are in each other's arms... Could something be brewing there or is it all innocent?

20:30 -
More dancing in the house, Sheillah and Nhlanhla still cuddling and some of the housemates go take a shower.

20:15 - Big Brother finally plays some music and the Hotshots continue to drink and dance the night away.

19:30 - After a successful task presentation. Housemates win their 100% wager for the second time in a row. It's rejoicing time! 

18:50 - The nervous tension and excitement builds in the house as the housemates prepare for their performance for Africa. Will they win their 100% wager for a second week in a row?

18:45 -
With fifteen minutes to go to the performance, Samantha has a short diary session with Biggie. Biggie tells the housemates to go inside and close the doors.

18:35 - Sipe is next up for the Diary Room and has to take in the CD's of the music for tonight's performance. "Other people do not consider other peoples opinions", she is not happy with some of the housemates, such as Lilian who wouldn't listen to Laveda. People are showing their true colours.

18:13 -
Idris is next up for Biggie, he has faith that they will take the wager. He felt that last night with Goitse went very well. He feels that it shows Africa that he is like everybody else in that he cannot control when "love happens". He blushes and laughs. 

18:22 -
Laveda is called in to the Diary Room, she also is scolded for Biggie having to call her twice. She had a great day, she told Biggie and she feels that the housemates will win the wager. "Permithias makes me feel something", she likes him, but take it slow. 

18:19 -
Permithias discusses the ladies in the house. Biggie tells him to be aware of the saying "a woman scorned".

18:05 -
The housemates gather in the kitchen for dinner. Butterphly is called into the Diary room, she feels like they willl win the wager. "Complete disregard for someones opinion" and judgement is what rubs her up the wrong way.

17:52 - Lilian is now in the Diary Room. She discusses Tayo.

17:47 -
Luis is in the Diary room and is shocked at how well he is dancing as he was told a while back that he has two "left feet".  "Model with a qualification signing out".

17:34 - Nhlanhla is in the Diary Room, wants everyone and himself to have fun with the performance. He felt that Tayo was mature in his apology.

17:29 -
Arthur is in the Diary Room, he feels he is an artist in relation to being a stand-up comedian and a dancer. He feels that the other housemates trust him more.

17:21 -
Ellah gets told off by Biggie for not responding immediately to being called into the Diary Room. She feels confident about the presentation tonight. She is worried about the rain. "We're on our way to being a happy family again".

17:11 -
Already in his costume for tonight's show, Trezagah discusses the task with Biggie. He finds that Arthur has helped him with dancing a great deal. He feels that JJ goaded Tayo with his rapping.

17:05 -
Kacey Moore feels he knows everyone in the house well. He is happy he is still in the house and promises to carry on entertaining Africa.

16:55 -
The name Nhlanhla still gives the housemates difficulty, Nhlanhla tries to teach them how to say it.

16:38 - Sheillah is not feeling well and she discusse sher relationship with Nhlanhla and says they have come to an agreement and it is still just friends.

16:29 -
Alusa feels that the mood in the house was tense last night because of the fight from last night but that it is now fine after the apology. He gets on least with Sheillah in the house.

16:21 -
Esther discusses Nhlanhla and Sheillah, Permithias and Laveda, the love happening in the house. Biggie asks about Permithias' liking of Sabina, is there a triangle forming. She talks about the people she is close to, but there is no relationship. She likes someone but she is not saying who. She dances for Biggie.

16:07 - M'am Bea discusses the presentation with Biggie. she discusses the fight last night. Goitse follows, she also feels that the task is going well and that they will do well tonight. Goitse was surprised at the date with Idris, she felt humbled. She is taking it slow and taking time to get to know each other, she blushes.

15:57 - In their Diary sessions: Sabina gives a shout-out to the rest of Africa and her family, Tayo gives a heartfelt apologies with tears streaming down his face while JJ talks about how the outbreak of Tayo last night was in a way a good thing for everyone to learn more about each other.

15:40 - Garlic in the air much? Permithias wonders why housemates are "abusing" garlic in house. First it was Goitse now it seems Sabina might been dipping in.

15:02 -
Nhlanhla finally joins the living and heads to hotplate to prepare lunch. All that sleeping seems to have worked up an appetite.

14:40 - M'am Bea and Macky2 hard at work with costumes and setting design respectively.

14:10 - Looks like rehearsals are going well and the dance piece is coming together while couple Nhlanhla and Sheillah struggle to shake off their fatigue after sleeping in.

13:50 - Macky2 puts the finishing touches to his stencil street art backdrop for the dance battle presentation.

13:20 -
With tears in his eyes Tayo expresses his regret in an emotional apology.

13:15 -
Tayo confides in Samantha as Head of House about his feelings around the various tensions that have been taking place. Samantha then gathers everyone around as Tayo apologises to his fellow housemates.

12:57 -
Sipe gets her turn with seemstress M'am Bea who cuts and styles a bright piece of cloth in many ways.

12:45 -
M'am Bea, as a fashion designer, is deployed by the girls in their various outfit designs.

12:22 -
Idris gives his beloved Goitse a foot massage after she landed on the wrong footing and sprained her toes.

12:15 -
Sabina, Laveda, Lilian and Goitse dip and lift themselves as they go through their dance piece.

11:40 - Is something brewing between Butterphly and Permithias?

11:15 - The housemates are hard at work putting together their dance battle sets.

11:00 -
Over breakfast, beauty queen Ellah tells the other girls that she wouldn't mind gaining a pound or two.

10:45 -
Housemates receive a task. They are to design unique garb that should be the identifying factor for their various dance crews for the dance battle.

10:18 - In the spirit of a letting bygones be bygones Tayo, Alusa, JJ and Idris share a light chat over breakfast this morning.

10:00 -
Frankie puts work into his chiselled physique and lifts weights.
09:40 - Idris approaches Alusa to sound out JJ's accuastions. He is shocked that JJ and Mr. 265 thought it to be an immature moved that he pulled last night when he tried to end the fighting.

09:15 - Much to Idris' surprise JJ reprimands him for trying to curb the fighting of last night.

09:12 - Clearly rejuvenated from Clint Brinks talk, housemates get the blood flowing with some exercise. Alusa congratulates Tayo on his sons third day on earth. Interesting turn considering their brawl last night.

08:50 - To wrap up his talk this morning, Clint answers a very important question from Mr.265; how does one handle fame and attention from the media and the public.

08:30 - Actor and director Clint Brink, who plays the role of Tino on ETV's soap drama Scandal, is invited to give the aspiring Hotshots a performing workshop. With years of experience as a performer and within the industry, he is a great resource of knowledge and the housemates are in the perfect space to absorb it.


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