Thursday, October 16, 2014

Live Updates: Day 11

20:50 - JJ and Kacey Moore speak in code and talk about how some people are playing the game to their detriment.

20:35 -
Ellah recites a touching prayer to Sabina with Laveda creating a relaxed mood as she plays the sax in the background.

20:05 - Goitse explains to Sipe that she didin't expect for a relationship to fall on her lap so soon after entering the house.

19:47 - Attention turns, as it would, to Tayo on one side as Laveda puts on the performance of her life on the other side. The gal says she "aint going no where."

19:35 -
Laveda laces her saxophone sound on the 'rap book' ditty.

19:30 -
'Emotinal Decisions': JJ and some of the housemates poke fun on the Lilian 'rap book' out burst.

19:05 - Lilian loses her jets over her missing 'rap book'. She promises to bring down fire and brimstone if the book is not found.

19:00 -
Sheillah sends a 'shout-out' to Botswana because it's a quarter-to-weekend.

18:50 - Alusa tells Biggie to bring back his clothes as he had planned on more swagger in the house.

18:30 - In his Diary session Nhlanhla talks 'sexual frustration' with Biggie. He says tension in the house is also caused by sexual frustration as seen in the mornings.

18:17 - Ellah says she's always looking good in case of a big break - like an international modelling campaign.

18:05 -
JJ, ever the performer, puts on convincing Elizabethan english accent.

17:45 -
When Biggie asks Goitse about her relationship with Idris, it's interesting to see the person who seems to be playing hard to get, blushing in that manner. Goitse what is your game?

17:31 - After some words of advice from Biggie, a seemingly love sick Idris heads for the object of his affections for another session of bickering.

17:10 -
During his Diary session, Biggie lends Idris some pearls of wisdom about the slippery terain that is his relationship with Goitse.

16:42 - Frankie takes on "fatherly duties" for Sabina's "baby". Butterphly brushes her teeth, while lying on the floor.

16:30 -
Permithias tells Big Brother he thinks the other housemates have hidden agendas. His long diary session ends with a request for the Nambian flag for the house.

16:00 - Esther enters the diary room. She tells Biggie how so many people started getting to closer to Samantha after she became HoH and how people ignore Laveda because she is nolonger HoH. She also says that she has no strategy as it drives her off the route.

15:45 -
Tayo goes into the diary room, before Sabina enters with her "baby".

15:30 - Frankie goes for his diary session with Big Brother.

15:17 -
Lunch is served.

15:05 -
Kacey Moore and JJ have their diary sessions. JJ says he thinks Tayo's apology was sincere, but they need to respect each other.

14:45 -
Laveda and Mr. 265, slouching as always, chat to Big Brother in the diary room.

14:30 -
Trezagah enters the diary room. He wishes his son a happy birthday.

14:15 -
Diary sessions start with Sheillah, followed by Luis.

14:00 -
Bollywood music starts playing in the house.

13:45 - Extravaganza talk continues. The housemates are taking it very seriously! JJ tells his team members they do not all need to be gathered at the table planning, and they can work on other aspects of the show at the same time.

13:36 -
Butterphly starts falling alseep, while the rest of the team discusses story and theme.

13:32 - For the extravaganza, Team A has chosen and modern style theme while Team B will do a traditional style. Team A members are: Samantha, Kacey Moore, JJ, Esther, Laveda, Nhlanhla, Lilian, Ellah, Idris, Alusa, Permithias and M'am Bea.

Team B members are: Arthur, Butterphly, Frankie, Macky2, Mr. 265, Goitse, Luis, Sipe, Sabina, Sheillah, Tayo and Trezagah.

12:22 - Team A and B start planning their Bollywood Extravaganza.

12:05 -
Samantha reads the brief for their next Extravaganza. The theme is Bollywood and the housemates are split in two teams.

11:30 - HoH Samantha is called to the Diary room to receive this week's extravaganza task.

11:02 - Sipe gets emotional.

10:44 - Permithias and Sabina gossip outside.

10:13 - Sabina straps a make-shift baby to her back.

09:58 - Housemates gather for breakfast and try unsuccessfully to get into the storeroom.

09:36 - Sabina and Kacey Moore start making breakfast.

09:20 - Gossiping and ironing are keeping the housemates busy, while Permithias grabs a few more minutes of sleep.

09:02 - Housemates continue contemplating who is "date-able".

08:40 - The housemates are up and about after a training session with Mamo Maloka.

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