Friday, October 17, 2014

Live Updates: Day 12

18:05 - Tension flares up between Sheillah and Lilian and an argument breaks out.

17:42 -
The housemates continue jamming, there's festivity in the air, everybody letting their hair down for Alusa's birthday.

17:25 -
Frankie and Tayo jam ragga-style, everybody dances along.The mood in the house is festive.

17:18 -
"Big Brother is watching over us," Sheillah sings along to Kaycey Moore's smooth guitar licks.
16:50 - It's Luis' turn in the diary room. Team Gold argue about characterisation.

16:35 -
Sabina breaks down during her diary session.

16:15 - The Silver Team get agitated with one another during rehearsal. Sabina is called to the diary room for her session.

16:00 -
JJ, Frankie, Tayo enter the diary room and so does M'am Bea, who tells Biggie that Laveda is being too dramatic.

15:33 - In his chat with Biggie, Mr.265 discusses communication with the housemates. He gives nothing away about if he feels anything for anyone in the house. He gives birthday shoutouts to Alusa and all his people. 

15:17 -
Sipe is in the diary room and is feeling better from yesterday. She sorted out her issue with Idris who she says is a "very sweet guy".

15:11 - Alusa took the opportunity to sends shoutouts to his wife, all of his children and his people. Sheillah followed next in the diary room. She is excited about working again with a lot of the people that she worked with last week.

15:01 - Lilian is not in a good mood, she is upset that someone took her rap-book and she cannot understand why anybody would take it. She raps for Biggie.

14:54 - In her diary session, Ellah says she wants to get Frankie out of his shell, and she wants to have a party this weekend and she hopes that Biggie will be a "genie in a bottle".

14:48 - Goitse is next up. She discusses Idris, she says she has spoken to him and he has said that he will give her as much space as she needs.  Arthur follows and says that he is feeling at home though some people have not yet adjusted because they are looking at cameras while talking. He doesnt want to shine on the day of the performance as he wants everyone to shine.

14:38  -
Macky2 is in the diary room, he tells Biggie that he's doing well, they're working on their extravaganza and he thinks they are doing really well. As a hip hop artist, all he wants is to expose his talent and hopes to do so during the extravaganza.

14:31 -
Idris is called first to the Diary room. Says he's doing really ok. That he spoke with Goitse yesterday and reached a conclusion to give her space and concentrate on his game. For the weekend hopes to survive on Sunday and then see how nominations will go next week.

13:55 - The housemates are hard at work on their extravaganza task.

13:15 -
The guys model the traditional outfits in the garden while most of the housemates are huddled around the kitchen table eating and going through tomorrow night's task.

12:19 - Permithias "made bad decisions for good intentions". The housemates are allowed back in the house.

11:56 - Samantha and her team go through their script for their performance.

11:32 -
Samantha, Lilian, Laveda and Esther discuss outfits for the Bollywood extravaganza.

11:11 -
Goitse and Sipe chat about Idris.

10:41 -
"Oh my God, there's a Chihuahua in the sky" says Ellah meanwhile Permithias and Kacey Moore play guitar and sings some more.

10:25 -
Frankie sings a song in the kitchen about making French Toast.

10:13 -
M'am Bea, Goitse and Sipe check out photographs while Biggie calls all of the housemates indoors.

09:56 -
The guys work out in the garden. There's a whole lot of self-love going on.

09:30 - Samantha says that she will call a meeting about keeping the house clean and adhering to the duty roster.

09:15 -
M'am Bea is not happy about Sheillah's decision to be excluded from meals so that she can avoid washing dishes. Alusa, Lilian and Frankie agree with her that Sheillah's request does not make sense.

09:05 - Frankie is getting quite serious with his singing. Is he planning on singing through every conversation today?

08:55 - Nhlanhla, Goitse and Arthur extend their exercise session outside. These three clearly take their fitness seriously.

08:45 - Lilian tells Alusa to accept whatever role that he is given for the Extravaganza and excel in it, regardless of him believing in his strong acting skills.

08:40 - Housemates settle down to refresh their memory on the different dance moves they covered from the beginning of the session with the instructor.

08:30 - Bollywood dance moves to start the day. Housemates are thoroughly enjoying the new genre of dance and the instructor has his hands full with housemates diligently learning each move.

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