Saturday, October 18, 2014

Live Updates - Day 13

22:50 - An argument breaks out between Nhlanhla and Mr.265 concerning cheese. Nhlanhla accuses Mr. 265 of playing with the cheese. Trezagah comes to Mr.265's defense saying he was not playing with it. Nhlanhla insists saying he's against the wasting of food.

20:27 - Team B follows with the traditional theme and with the look of things, both teams have managed to put up pleasant performances for Africa.

20:14 - Presentations are going on with Team A on stage, performing their modern theme.

17:42 - As presentation time approaches, Team B is doing their final rehearsal on stage as Team A is in the lounge.

16:35 - Housemates gather in the kitchen for lunch.

15:21 - Big Brother instructs all housemates to remain indoors until further notice.

15:07 - Rehearsals for the Bollywood extravaganza continue. Team A is using the lounge area while Team B is in the garden.

13:20 - Sabina seems to be having the most fun in her team, she's embraced her Indian character with everything she has.

12:38 - Housemates get more props for the task, Sabina and Arthur are speaking in 'Hindi'.

12:22 - Housemates are  slowly getting into character.

12:00 - Nhlanhla and Sheillah are having some alone outside.

11:39 - Esther continues with her Billionaire rendition, is she smelling the grand prize already?

11:20 - Ellah compliments Sheillah and Nhlanhla, she says the couple is cute.

11:16 - HoH Samantha is called to the diary room.

11:00 - Lilian is singing in kitchen as Tayo, JJ and Sheillah have their breakfast.

10:45 - Esther is in singing mood this morning, she's doing a rendition of Billionaire.

10:40 - Housemates make their way to the kitchen as breakfast is served.

10:24 - Samantha in the kitchen, preparing breakfast.

10:20 - Goitse and Idris are in bed, Idris kisses her forehead.

10:10 - Housemates are having an India accent this morning.

09:42 - Nhlanhla joins JJ in the bedroom and they both nurse Sheillah.

09:35 - Sheillah pulled a muscle during the exercises and gets a massage from JJ.

09:25 - JJ, Frankie, Alusa, Tayo continue working out outside as others retreat inside the house.

08:47 - The girls talk about butts, they discuss about celebrities who have had artificial implants while Sheillah says that she's the only one with the real bottoms.

08:40 - Idris seems to be enjoying himself as he gets close to Goitse during the workout.

08:35 - There's a huge turn up as instructor Nico takes the housemates through their morning workout. Sabina, Permithias and Butterphly in bed.

08:30 - Welcome to Day 13 of Big Brother Hotshots. Follow all the day's events on this page.

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