Sunday, October 19, 2014

Live Updates: Day 14

22:50 - Total nominations (Week 3):
Laveda - 11
Nhlanhla - 8
Permithias - 7
JJ - 4
Ellah - 3
Alusa - 3
M'am Bea - 3
Kacey Moore - 2
Idris - 1

22:34 - Samantha chooses Laveda and M'am Bea, Sheillah nominates Laveda and JJ, Sipe nominates Nhlanhla and Kacey Moore, Tayo nominates Alusa and JJ and lastly Trezagah nominates Nhlanhla and Permithias.

22:18 - M'am Bea nominates Nhlanhla and Laveda, Nhlanhla nominates Idris and Alusa, Permithias nominates Kacey Moore and Ellah.

22:05 - Luis nominates JJ and Laveda, Mr. 265 nominates Laveda and Permithias, Macky2 nominates Laveda and Ellah. 

21:57 - JJ nominates Laveda and M'am Bea, Kacey Moore nominates Laveda and Permithias, Laveda chooses M'am Bea and Nhlanhla.

21:45 - Frankie nominates Permithias and Nhlanhla, Goitse nominates Ellah and Alusa, Idris nominates Permithias and JJ.

21:30 - Arthur nominates Laveda and Nhlanhla, Butterphly goes for Nhlanhla and Laveda while Ellah nominates Laveda and Permithias.

21:19 - Alusa is called to the Diary room for nominations to commence. He nominates Permithias and Nhlanhla.

20:55 - Team B is announced winner of the Bollywood extravaganza and therefore they are immune to nominations which are coming up next. Team B members for last week are: Arthur, Butterphly, Frankie, Macky2, Mr 265, Goitse, Luis, Sipe, Sabina, Tayo and Trezagah.

20:46 - IK interviews Sabina on stage and she's shown her highlights. She thought it's a fake eviction and there's another house but unfortunately it's real.

20:40 - Sabina makes her way out of the house as Elani return to the stage for another performance.

20:35 - In a shocking turn of events, one more housemate has to be evicted and that is.... Sabina from Kenya.

20:30 - IK chats with Lilian and Esther and shows them their highlights packages.

20:22 - Lilian from Nigeria and Esther from Uganda are evicted from the Big Brother house.

20:18 - HoH Samantha reveals that she put up Ellah for eviction. 

20:13 - It's time to evict a housemate but first IK sends belated birthday wishes to Alusa and does a quick chat with the housemates.

20:12 - Tayo is announced as the winner of last week's X-Factor contest.

20:08 - IK shouts out to some Big Brother The Chase ex-housemates, Melvin, Koketso and Motamma who are part of tonight's audience.

20:07 - Highlights for last week's eviction show are shown. Mira and Resa were evicted.

20:03 - Elani music group from Kenya take the stage for a performance.

20:00 - Host IK kicks-off the show.

19:50 - Housemates gather in the living room as the show is about to begin.

19:45 - Only 15 minutes left to the live eviction show.

19:25 - Housemates are told to stay in the bedroom until further notice. Tayo says "no shaking" and wants the show to start already while Laveda continues to sing her "Africa save me" song.

19:10 - Big Brother announces that housemates have 50 minutes before the live show begins.

19:04 - Housemates dress up for the eviction show. In the meantime, Laveda sings, "Africa save me."

18:35 -
Housemates gather in the kitchen for dinner.

18:30 -
Other nominees, Esther, JJ, Lilian and Permithias have their nomination diary sessions with Big Brother. They all feel blessed to be part of the show and they are not ready to go home yet.  

17:35 -
In her nomination diary session, Sabina says she's positive about surviving and thanks Africa for voting for her. Tayo follows, he is feeling good and confident.

17:15  -
Laveda has her session with Biggie, she has mixed feelings about the eviction. She says that she is starting to bond with somebody special so she does not want to leave yet.

17:05 -
Nomination diary sessions start: Frankie says he misses his son and regardless of what happens tonight, he has had an amazing time. JJ goes next, he tells Biggie that meeting Samantha has been his highlight and he hopes to stay in the house.

15:35 -
Permithias does some more singing while HoH Samantha is called to the diary room.

14:55 -
All the nominees are told by Big Brother to pack their bags.

14:20 -
Shopping continues with each housemate getting their turn to place their orders.

13:45 -
Having won their 100% wager, it's time for the housemates to shop for their luxuries for the new week.

13:10 - While outside the guys engage in a conversation about sexuality. They talk about how the girls need more action from the males but unfortunately most of them are married men.

12:40 - After staying in the bedroom for some time, Biggie instructs the housemates to move outside and stay there until further notice.

11:55 - The hair styling and shaving is over with. The nominees, Laveda, Tayo, Permithias, Lilian, Frankie, Sabina, Esther and JJ look neat.

10:50 - Nhlanhla and Kacey Moore start preparing breakfast which is served about an hour later.

10:45 - The hair session continues while the other housemates are chillaxing.

10:30 - Big Brother turns on the music and the mood picks up in the house. Goitse, Sheillah, Arthur, Ellah, Tayo, Esther, Frankie and others dance to the music.

09:50 - The nominees are heard wondering who HoH Samantha put up as the 9th nominee.

09:30 - Big Brother's salon is set up in the garden and all nomintaed housemates, except Ellah, are getting their hair done.

09:15 - Housemates are slowly getting out of bed to embark on the day's activities.

08:00 - It's day 14 of Big Brother Hotshots and today, one or two housemates will be evicted from the Big Brother house.

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