Monday, October 20, 2014

Live Updates: Day 15

20:35 - Nhlanhla adds Macky2 to the nomination list.

20:30 - Big Brother announces that the following housemates are up for possible eviction this week: Alusa, Ellah, JJ, Laveda, M'am Bea and Permithias. Nhlanhla is exluded from the list being Head of House.

20:10 - Housemates gather in the lounge for the nomination show but first Tayo receive his X-factor prize.

19:50 - Alusa, Ellah, Macky2, Arthur, Sipe, Laveda and Goitse also have their diary sessions. They all feel good to be in the house.

19:34 - Idris talks about how he has pulled back on Goitse and is focusing on his game.

19:16 -
Samantha is exhausted today she thinks it has been from yesterday's stress. She says that she's getting close to Nhlanhla and getting to know him. That is seems Sheillah and Nhlanhla are in a real relationship though it looked like a strategy at first. She is down because Esther, Lilian and Sabina are gone but she will be ok soon. 

19:02 - M'am Bea thinks they lacked so much commitment in the extravaganza task as a team and at the end of the day the best team won. She feels there are a lot of guys in the house now.

18:50 -
Diary sessions continue. JJ also thanks Africa for saving him which made his weeked even better. Evictions were shocking but at the end of the day that's what they are there for. That dynamics of the game are still the same as in the last two weeks. He's happy for Nhlanhla becoming HoH, he doesn't know how he will choose but he hopes he doesn't add him in case he is not nominated.

17:45 - Housemates receive the brief for their task. They gather in the lounge to discuss it.

17:40 - Frankie is next in the diary room. He is really delighted that he survived though sad for the people who left. It's great that his group won the extravaganza which got them immunity this week. He talks about Nhlanhla being a great guy though they had some issues a few days back about stashing food but he has realised that he is a responsible guy and he thinks he will be a good leader.

17:30 -
Tayo is grateful for Africa for voting for him. He is missing his girls Liliana and Esther, he wishes them the best. That he has named his son Akitoye. He says that he feels good and at peace with everybody.

17:20 - Luis tells Big Brother that winning the extravaganza got him emotional because something he has written and directed for two weeks has won. That last night's evictions were shocking but he was praying for his fellow Namibian Permithias and he feels good that he survived. According to what he has so far seen, Nhlanhla is a good leader as HoH. He feels housemates are not putting alot of effort in how they look, he says that when you look good, you think good and also do good.

17:05 - Permithias thanks Africa for taking their time and voting for him last week. He talks about Sabina as someone who was close to him and he found it shocking that she had to go. He hopes that he's not up for nomination this week.

16:50 - In his diary session, Trezagah told Biggie that last night, he didnt expect that 3 people would go home especially Sabina as she was part of their team who won them immunity. He talks about how he has realised that the people he nominates end up becoming HoH, for example last week nominating Samantha and she became HoH and this week it has happened with Nhlanhla. He feels close to almost everyone apart from Sheillah.

16:38 - Mr. 265 told Big Brother that his weekend was ok as he was looking forward to the Friday party though he didn't enjoy the music but it was good. That Saturday was very stressful because of the extravaganza task, but they didn't panic and then won. He had no idea who Samantha had added but he was not so surprised because the person had an idea. He added that evictions were a shock because Lilian, Esther and Sabina were the people he expected in the finals but he was shocked to see them go. Nominations were not hard for him as he had people he wanted to nominate. He also says that the dynamics in the house have changed and they keep on changing, they talked about food stashing. He talks about Tayo as someone he trusts and who trusts him.

16:25 - Nhlanhla is called for his session, he says the HoH swag is dope and he is trying to kill it. That last night was very hard to see a lot of girls leaving and also nominating other people. He talks about people saying that Sheilllah is safe automatically but according to him anything can happen. As the HoH this week, he wants to change the attitude in the house and also make people be able to express their ideas as he wants to listen to everyone to help him think outside the box.

16:15 - Sheillah is next in the diary room. She tells Big Brother that she's in a good mood because of the task they have received. She feels ok that Nhlanhla won HoH but she's a little but jealousy as she competed against him and almost won but he has long legs. The evictions were unbelievable but the good thing her team won the extravaganza. Finally she said that she is not worried about the HoH add but still it's a competition and anything can happen. 
16:08 - Butterphly says she okay and her weekend was fine. She tells Biggie that last night's evictions were horrible. She thinks Nhlanhla will take over the food with the HoH power he has now. She thought she trusted Mr.265 and Permithias but they are unreliable. She's positive about the game.

16:05 - Butterphly is called to the diary room as diary sessions start.

15:30 -
Housemates discuss Beyonce and the fact that she would sell out any concert in South Africa. "She's the female Michael Jackson." They also discuss Taylor Swift vs Rihanna.

14:25 - HoH Nhlanhla reads this week's task. It's a fashion show task. The Hotshots agree to wager 100% for the task.

13:10 -
Housemates discuss relationships in the house.

12:33 - Nhlanhla wins the HoH challenge and is announced the new Head of House.

12:03 - Housemates gather in the lounge as Samantha reads out the HoH task. Ellah, Sheillah, Tayo, M'am Bea and Nhlanhla have qualified for this week's Head of House task.

11:00 - The qualifier task starts. Housemates have to guess how many jellybeans are in the jar. The 5 housemates with the closest answer will compete in the HoH challenge.

10:35 - Housemates receive the Head of House qualifying round task. 5 housemates who win the qualifying round will be the ones to participate in this week's HoH task.

10:20 - Housemates gather in the living room for breakfast.

10:05 - Alusa, JJ and Ellah are in kitchen preparing breakfast.

09:55 - Permithias continues singing. JJ looks on and tells Permithias that he is impressed with what he does.

09:45 - Kacey Moore and Permithias collaborate over the guitar. Permithias sings as Kacey Moore raps.

09:30 - It's shower time as Big Brother announces that hot water is now available, while some Hotshots continue taking turns on the microphone, others head to the shower room.

09:15 - Sheillah helps Laveda on the microphone, guiding her with her breathing.

09:19 - Singing practice continues and housemates take turns on the microphone.

08:50 - Arthur sings his own rendition of "Lean on me" by Bill Withers.

08:45 - Alusa is first up in the singing session to show his vocal abilities.

08:25 - Vocal coach RJ Benjamin enters the house and the housemates start the day with some breathing exercise then they practice some singing.

07:15 - Samantha and Permithias are the early risers. They're outside striking conversation.


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