Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Live Updates: Day 16

22:10 - Finally peace has been restored in the house. Housemates are engaged in all sorts of conversations.

20:45 - Married man Kacey Moore approaches Ellah, they admit Idris made a mistake.

19:50 - Kacey Moore is unhappy about being spoken badly about by Idris and M'am Bea. He finally gets to talk to Idris about it. Idris apologises.

18:25 - Kacey Moore has a one on one with Tayo. He tells him how much he loves his wife and would never do her wrong while in the house.

16:34  - Ellah is sent to the store room for a special surprise. She's delighted by the birthday surprise from Biggie.

16:19 - Laveda, Sipe and Luis are busy in the kitchen preparing food. In the garden, Tayo drums as Ellah dances.

15:28 - Trezagah, Macky2 and Arthur are working on the task, Sipe joins them.

14:30 - Idris gets touchy-feely with Ellah.

14:22 -
Mr. 265 tells Alusa that he misses his job.

13:20 - Housemates chillax in the shade, M'am Bea works on Tayo's hair.
12:47 - Biggie tells housemates to stay in one  bedroom until further notice.

12:35 - Makeup class comes to an end but most housemates didn't seem to be paying much attention.

11:20 - Big Brother Hotshots Master Class starts. Makeup professional, Joyce Jacob is in the house demonstrating makeup techniques to the housemates.

10:25 - The gents discuss relationships, Idris mentions that sex is no longer a priority for him. That he would rather build a quality relationship based on an emotional connection with someone. 

10:05 - Alusa and Frankie sing Ellah a happy song.

09:45 - Ellah makes it known that it's her birthday but she's starving.

09:32 - Frankie loves his yogurt and warns others not to touch it.

09:10 - Permithias strums his guitar and sings soothing melodies.

09:05 - Nhlanhla and Sheillah get cosy in bed while others head to the shower room.

08:30 - After the workout, most housemates retreat to the garden and relax as some fine African music plays.

08:00 - Housemates get an energetic start to the day with a Zumba workout session.

07:30 - Welcome to day 16 of Big Brother Hotshots. Follow all the day's updates on this page.


  1. Kacey Moore shuld shut up already..why is he mad.
    so desperate for de money...

  2. Is Ellah ur child Kacey,u r blowing dis out of proportion...enough already..

  3. Kacey Moore says he doesn't care what Idris says, doesn't he really? Why is he so mad? Maybe he intentions weren't so innocent , he got found out too soo! He is creating a mountain out of a molehill!!! Shut up already !

  4. Kacey Moore is just a desperate, hungry and cheap liar. He arrogantly says what he does not mean at all. If he is truly married, then I feel sorry for his wife. Such a cunny man!

  5. Some of you guys your comments to Kacey More are full of hatred.

  6. Frankie yo the coolest. we are keeping you in