Thursday, October 23, 2014

Live Updates: Day 18

21:00 - Luis, Laveda, Alusa and Macky2 are checking out Sipe's pictures while other housemates are having a chat in the lounge.

20:20 -
In his diary session, Frankie says that things have been sorted with Tayo.

20:05 -
Tayo explains the situation with Frankie to Big Brother and apologises for his actions.  

19:20 - Tayo and Frankie have a one on one to sort out their conflict.

18:23 - Sheillah in the diary room, she talks about being referred to as the boss-lady in the house.

18:15 -
Frankie and Tayo fight. It started like a joke with Tayo saying that he will sh*t on Frankie's face and in return he said he'd break the Nigerian's neck. Tayo got so offended and blew off. Alusa  and JJ had to come in and separate the two warring Hotshots.

17:17 -
Housemates contemplate what they've to do to impress Biggie, they surely need back their luxuries.

17:12 -
Biggie gives housemates a chance to win back some of their luxuries they lost after losing this week's wager. They have to first impress him by managing the house well, sharing and looking out for one another.

16:35 - Lunch is finally served.

15:33 - Samantha and M'am Bea have been issued a strike each for discussing their nominations yesterday. If they get 2 more strikes they will be disqualified from the game.

15:20 - Housemates gather in the lounge for an important announcement from Big Brother.

13:15 - Groups have started planning their storylines for the extravaganza.

13:00 -
Team A chooses the Forest Fantasy theme while Team B chooses the Candy Land theme.

12:50 -
HoH Nhlanhla picks his Team (A) members. They are: Sheillah, Alusa, Laveda, Luis, Macky2, Mr. 265, Kacey Moore, Arthur, Samantha and Permithias. The remaining housemates: Tayo, Frankie, Luis, Ellah, Idris, Goitse, Butterphly, M'am Bea, Trezagah, Sipe and JJ form Team B.

12:10 -
Housemates receive the extravaganza task. The theme for this week is PANTOMIME! This theme depicts a comedic play in a child-like setting. The lead role in a Pantomime is always male but must be played by a woman in this case.

12:10 - Housemates get emotional as they share life experiences. It's tears and more tears. 

12:00 - As part of comforting him, Alusa shares with Luis and the rest that he was kicked out of his father's home and expelled from school but never gave up on life.

11:55 -
Luis gets personal and explains to fellow housemates why he's behaving the way he's behaving lately, he talks about his background, childhood, being bullied and more. Housemates offer comforting words.

11:32 - Idris reveals that he has learnt a lot while in the Big Brother house.

11:28 - "I don't take no for an answer," JJ says as they he chats to Mr.265 and Idris in the bedroom. He says he only gives up on a woman when she gets married.

11:18 - Housemates continue having breakfast over conversations, Permithias and Nhlanhla are playing a board game.

11:05 - Tayo won't stop cracking up the housemates in the kitchen area. He tells M'am Bea that she's Ellah's caretaker.

10:52 - Tayo says that disrespecting an elderly person is an offence.

10:47 - Mr.265 is told to check his microphone.

10:30 - Alusa and Tayo are eating their breakfast over conversations.

10:10 - Nhlanhla, Macky2, Sipe, Idris have their breakfast.

10:02 - Housemates are asked to check whether they're wearing their microphones correctly.

10:00 - Tayo is up and about singing, he’s joined  shortly by Butterphly.

09:55 - Housemates are struggling to get out of bed.

09:45 - Thanks to JJ, Luis seems to be picking up his pieces, they talk about their planned trip to Mira's country Mozambique.

09:35 - JJ tried comforting Luis, telling him to be strong and have solutions to his problems.

09:20 - Permithias and Kacey gossip about Luis, they seem convinced that nothing happened between him and Sabina.

09:02 - Alusa advises that they've to look out for each other to avoid going through what Luis is experiencing.

08:52 - Luis seems to be having a nervous break down, JJ and Idris rash to his side to comfort him near the Diary room.

08:50 - Macky2, Arthur, Alusa, Kacey Moore and Mr. 265 can't stop wondering why Namibian Luis allegedly slept outside.

08:45 - It's shower hour, housemates grab the opportunity to freshen up.

08:30 - This morning housemates did a lot more squatting during the workout session with instructor Rosa.

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