Friday, October 24, 2014

Live Updates: Day 19

18:15 - Idris is convinced that they'll win back some luxuries tomorrow.

18:07 -
Laveda hopes that this time around her team wins the Extravaganza.

17:59 -
Nhlanhla says he first gets a solution to something before confronting it, in reference to how he stays away from all the drama in the house.

17:50 -
Samantha says her relationship with country mate Nhlanhla is okay.

17:03 -
Permithias says his relationship with Laveda is "Semi-mutually beneficial".

16:55 -
Luis says he's playing the game for himself and Mira.

16:37 -
Sipe says they've learnt their lessons.

16:30 -
Mr. 265 says people are not impressed with the menu but they have no options.

16:23 -
Alusa says as African men, they need to eat more but will still stick to the menu created.

16:15 -
Kacey Moore says he has nerves over Sunday and if Ellah's departs he'll be devastated.

16:09 -
M'am Bea is happy about how people have responded to Biggie's chance of giving them back some of their lost luxuries.

16:00 -
Sheillah says she feels much better referring to her previous back pain and thanks Biggie for letting in a doctor.

15:51 -
Goitse kicks off today's Diaries. She says she impressed with the house lately because the kitchen is no longer messy.

15:30 -
Luis is packing his bags, to where?

14:03 -
Biggie has a surprise for them, more Extravaganza props. "This is a sharing week. We've to share," Sipe quips.

14:02 -
Biggie allows housemates to open the front doors.

13:50 -
Ellah and Sipe are having a good time in the kitchen area.

13:12 -
JJ says he liked Mira but she was domesticated.

13:10 -
JJ shares with Nhlanhla that since it's not his first stint on the show, his experience of the house and housemates is different.

13:00 -
Nhlanhla washes cups as he chats with JJ.

12:45 -
HoH Nhlanhla cautions housemates on wasting food and treating guests with respect.

12:25 -
Sipe and Arthur having a heart to heart convo, are we seeing blushes? Hmmm...

11:55 -
It's  Zambia's Independence today, Happy Independence day to all Zambian people.

11:50 -
Permithias is dressed like a traditional warrior, remember The Gods Must Be Crazy top actor?

11:26 - Frankie makes it a point that he wants to shower. Meanwhile, Idris, Butterphly, Goitse and M'am Bea are outside going through their rehearsals.

11:05 - Housemates are told that the front doors may now be opened.

11:00 - Kacey Moore and Tayo talk about the women outside the house. The former says his wife trusts him and can take whatever happens in the house, on the other hand, the latter says he doesn't allow his friends to discuss his girlfriend and hates rumors.

10:18 - Alusa and Mr. 265 have their breakfast outside while conversing with Macky2, Goitse, M'am Bea and Sipe.

10:06 - Tayo does a rendition of 'Pull Over'.

10:05 - Housemates are asked to make their way to the garden and close the front doors securely.

10:03 - Macky2 in the kitchen area working on his designs. Ellah prepares breakfast.

10:01 - Big Brother announces that hot water is no longer available.

09:55 - Tayo is up and about, he's singing at the top of his voice.

09:45 - Biggie tells housemates to check their transmitters.

09:35 - Hot water is made available and shower hour starts.

09:30 - JJ and Goitse are outside brainstorming for the Extravaganza.

08:30 - Dance coach Thabo Moloto helps the housemates create meaningful imagery in their extravaganza pantomime.

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