Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Live Updates: Day 2

18:45  - The music in the house is getting the housemates all viby and they are dancing and having a great time.

18:30  -
Music is piped into the house, this makes everybody happy and makes for a party atmosphere in the house.

18:17 -
Head of House Laveda has her Diary session. She keeps us guessing as to whom she likes, "all will be revealed," she says.

18:11 -
Resa is summoned to the diary room. She feels she has some writers block, she wants some music to listen to.

18:04 -
Dancing Goitse in the diary room. Talks about her performance for tomorrow nights task, says she's happy about her performance. Besides dancing she can also act and do poetry. She has not shared a special moment with anyone yet.

18:04 -
Arthur in the diary room. Says he's doing well and today is fun. They are getting ready for presentations. His hidden talents are singing, dancing and poetry. His first performance will be stand up comedy which he's known for. He believes the team efforts will be very rewarding and they will pull off their wager.

17:56 -
Sabina's diary session. She tells Biggie that the mood in the house is cool while some people have started breaking down. She said housemates are being hard and using their voices and also that people don't want to sleep lest Africa forgets them.

17:48 -
Alusa in the diary room. Declares that he's "Happy and blessed", because he's in the house, having to get to know one another and the nice lunch he's had. He's confident about everything and all of them are done with the posters.

17:35 - Sipe's turn to talk to Biggie. He tells Biggie that they are relating very well though Lilian and Permithias are having an issue because of his condom prank. She's yet to get close to anyone. She's challenged with coming up with a nice song for the presentation but they are working hard on the wager.

17:27 -
Trezegah next up in the diary room. Says he's doing fine though a lil bit tired because yesterday they partied alot. His special moment was today when JJ shared a touchy story which made some cry. He thinks his presentation will be good, he will sing in Portuguese.

17:10 - Permithias is called into the diary session. He is not too worried about the fallout from the practical joke, he is pragmatic about it. He gets emotional about his mother.

17:13 -
JJ tell Biggie that today has been amazing, he doesn't see any form of negativity and it's amazing. That he's noticed the guys are more in tune with sharing their feelings and reaching out which is touching unlike the girls. He was shocked how Kacey reacted to his story by breaking down, he was happy they could relate with his story. He's sure they will win their wager because they are helping one another to finish it.

16:55 -
Biggie asks all the housemates to check their microphones and also summons JJ to the diary room.

16:52 - In her session, Lillian said her voice is gone, she doesn't know what happened but she'll get better. She is very unhappy with Permithias about the practical joke but they've made up now.

16:42 -
Frankie in the diary room. Tells Biggie that the mood in the house is pretty good. He admits to not being a "good drawer". He feels that everyone is well prepared for the task presentation tomorrow.

16:35 - Samantha tells Biggie that she gets along with most housemates. Sitting with them makes her get to know them better. That guys played with a condom and accused Lilian which was insulting. There are many talents in the house though a few have sat down as a group to discuss about the wager.

16:27 -
Tayo talks to Biggie in his diary session. Says he's awesome but just has a bit of a sore throat. Esther's personality ignites the fire in him. That whenever he see's her, he gets excited.

16:17 -
Mira is next up to talk to Big Brother. She says she's feeling good because they are getting to know each other and conversations are getting to grow. She's still discovering herself. There are no relationships or alliances yet, they are all still getting to know one another.

16:08 - Macky2 in the diary room said people are more comfortable and are coming out of their shells. That guys played with a condom and claimed it's Lilian who had used it which upset her. Kacey broke down amidst of guys which was touching. He feels the housemates are taking the task very seriously as they are putting in alot and he thinks they are going to win their wager.

16:00 -
The HoH Laveda calls everyone together as they have another task from Big Brother. Each housemates must also prepare some of their hidden talents, which will take place after the first task.

15:23 - In the diary room, Esther took the opportunity to give lots of shout-outs to her people back home, requesting them to vote for her. She says she gets along with everyone but most especially Tayo.

15:23 -
Nhlanhla is now summoned. He tells Biggie that they are getting far with the task as some of them didn't sleep while they were working on their pieces and he's confident that they will win. He has shared some special moments with Mira, Esther, Tayo, M'am Bea and also Kacey.

15:30 -
M'am Bea is next in the diary room. She says last night was fun as they had games and funny questions. Her performance piece is coming along well, they are putting in alot and they will surprise Africa during tomorrow's presentation.

15:24 -
Mr.265 makes his way to the diary room. He is feeling better now that his hangover is gone. He explains his nick-name saying it's derived from the country code of Malawi which is 265.

15:18 -
In her diary session, Butterphly says people are excited and the creativity is coming out as they are now up unlike yesterday when they were scared about how they are going to go about the presentation. She feels housemates will win the first 100% wager.

15:08 - Luis is now on his way into the diary room for a session with Biggie. In his session, he says he is waiting to introduce Africa to his alter ego. He was trying to get close to Lilian but he realised that she is not into him. "I'm not used to rejection, I'm used to the ladies throwing themselves at me." He feels bad about it but it's fine. The mood in the house is quite good and for now he's just going to focus on his game.

15:00 -
Ellah is now called in to let Biggie know what she is thinking. Says she is happy and the mood in the house is cool. She shared a bed with someone last night and it was warm and nice. She thinks housemates are getting along as friends and they are confident about winning the wager.

14:50 - Kacey Moore is next in the diary room. He explains why he was crying saying he was touched by Permithias' story and then this morning JJ played a sad song that broke him down. He cries some more.

14:36 - Sheillah is called in for her diary session. She feels close with Tayo, Esther, whom she thinks is funny and of course Nhlanhla.

14:29 -
Idris is called to the diary room by Big Brother for his diary session. He thinks that Esther is really funny. He can see Nhlanhla and Sheillah pairing up.

14:21 -
Samantha, Idris, Alusa and JJ all discuss sleeping naked and they talk sex.

14:01 - Idris talks about singing and dancing, says singing requires more practice. Biggie summons Laveda to the diary room. 

13:50  -
Esther, Alusa and Kacey practice Esther's rap.

13:36  -
Ellah and Kacey embrace for a while.

13:21 - The conversation has turned deep and covers religion and belief and the power of prayer.

13:08 -
Kacey is discussing phantom pregnancies with Permithias, Trezagah and Esther. Esther says how she wanted to apply for Big Brothe Africa a few years back. Kacey then tells them about his way of getting what he wants.

12:50 -
Mira discusses with Alusa, Samantha and Idris how she tried to become an air hostess, but that she failed the entrance. Idris is very interested in cozying up to Mira.

12:29 - Permithias seems to be jealous of the attention that Samantha is getting from Alusa and he comes in and starts touching her hair and changing the topic.

12:20 -
Alusa discusses what nationality Samantha looks like. Does she look Kenyan, or South Africa? Alusa tells her that his surname is Alusa, his first name is Melvin, this surprises her.

11:45 - Sabina and Kacey Moore discuss their kids and how much they miss them. Sabina sings to Kacey's daughter, JoJo.

11:36 - The housemates are mostly gathered around the kitchen and lounge area. Ellah and Esther sing together.

11:12 - With regards to the task for the housemates. Laveda tells the singers they must write new songs, poets new poems. The housemates must make a list of instruments and equipment they may need for their performances on Wednesday night at the talent show. "Practice, practice, practice" Big Brother tells the housemates.

10:58 -
Biggie tells the housemates to go back indoors and shut the doors. Kacey Moore is crying.

10:40 - Tayo discusses his modelling career with Sheillah , how he has to take care of his look a he feels it is important. "How you dress is how you will be addressed" he says.

10:34 - Tayo is feeling a bit ill, they are talking about the air conditioning, wanting Biggie to turn it down. He says that his lips are getting dry.

10:13 - The housemates all sing the song "Yes Lord" in different languages.

09:45 - Talk turned to fashion with Nhlanhla discussing skinny jeans, and how to get out of them, before the subject of underwear came up and how to snap off bras.

09:30 - Permithias was teased about his unusual name, which he rebuffed by stating it must be said sexily. The rest of the housemates got ready to shower, chatting about what it takes to perform on stage, while others wondered what to wear. JJ invited Goitse to join him for a shower – and offer which she declined. .

09:15 - The housemates got their groove back, singing a variety of tunes while cleaning the house.

08:17 - The day began with a thorough workout for the housemates who looked a little worse for wear after a night spent drinking, or having their sleep interrupted. But the sunshine and fresh air soon got them moving.

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