Saturday, October 25, 2014

Live Updates: Day 20

21:10 - The extravaganza is done. Housemates are now dancing to Biggie's music.

20:15 - The Pantomime extravaganza is underway with Team A on stage presenting their Forest Fantasy theme. Team B is up next with the Candy Land theme.

18:20 - Both teams are doing final rehearsals for the extravaganza.

16:43 - Laveda reads her Bible. Then sleeps some as well.

16:41 -
Idris gives Samantha a kiss on her back as she sleeps. Luis, Macky2, Sheillah and others are also napping.

13:15 - Teams start rehearsing for today's extravaganza presentation.

12:10 -
Ellah, JJ, Permithias, Sheillah, Sipe are in the kitchen fixing themselves something to eat.

11:55 - "He's young and doesn't know how to take 'NO' " says Alusa referring to Idris. "You've done nothing wrong. You have nothing to apologize for," he tells Goitse.

11:48 - Goitse talks to Alusa about her face off with Idris explaining how she’d to walk out on him.

11:42 - Samantha shares some details about Laveda with Idris.

11:35 - The long talk between Kacey and Idris ends with a hug and urges him to be strong.

11:10 - Idris is crying, evidently still hurting from countrymate Laveda's antics which he considers an embarrassment and maybe Goitse's cold shoulder.

11:05 - Idris seems more relaxed today. Kacey assures him to be strong because he has people who love him like himself and Ellah.

10:40 - HoH Nhlanhla is called to the diary room.

10:30 - Samantha, JJ, Permithias and Nhlanhla are outside having a chat.

10:20 - Seems there's no hot water but still housemates have to shower.

10:00 - M'am Bea and Sipe tend to  their laundry over a marriage conversation.

09:45 - Breakfast is almost ready. Some housemates continue talking about last night's events.

09:20 - Idris and M'am Bea talk about his outbursts.

09:05 - Seems last night was so memorable, housemates wont stop talking about it. Which event caught your attention?

08:35 - Unusually, JJ misses today's exercise session and opts to clean the house with Idris. Instructor Skosana takes the rest through their paces. It's definitely much needed after a long eventful night.


  1. I don't like the way Alusa always belittle Idris ! Since the issue with Kacey Moore,I didnt understand him at all, considering Idris look at him as a brother!

  2. Idris should not be intimidated by alooser.

  3. Sadc and west africa have specialized in the art of bashing east africans. Hoping that their country mates will stay. Enough with alusa this alusa that eiish. Makes it very hard to like their representatives however good their game is

  4. Idris should just grow up. PERIOD