Sunday, October 26, 2014

Live Updates: Day 21

22:30 - Total nominations (week 4):
Sheillah - 10
Macky2 - 9
Mr. 265 - 5
Luis - 4
Kacey Moore - 3
Arthur - 3
Permithias - 2
Nhlanhla - 1
Samantha - 1

22:15 - Tayo nominates Luis and Sheillah, lastly Trezagah nominates Kacey Moore and Luis. 

22:02 - M'am Bea nominates Macky2 and Luis, Nhlanhla nominates Mr. 265 and Macky2, Permithias nominates Mr. 265 and Macky2.

21:55 - Luis nominates Mr. 265 and Sheillah, Mr. 265 nominates Permithias and Arthur, Macky2 nominates Nhlanhla and Sheillah.

21:44 - Idris nominates Macky2 and Sheillah, JJ nominates Sheillah and Arthur , Kacey Moore nominates Sheillah and Permithias.

21:35 - Butterphly nominates Sheillah and Kacey Moore, Ellah nominates Sheillah and Macky2, Frankie nominates Sheillah and Macky2, Goitse nominates Macky2 and Luis. 

21:20 - Nominations sessions start with  Arthur who nominates Sheillah and Mr. 265. 

20:54 - Team A "Forest Fantasy" is announced winner of the pantomime extravaganza.
20:48 - Alusa tells IK that he's shocked to be evicted and is surprised Goitse nominated him.

20:40 - Alusa is also evicted and K.K returns to light up the stage. 

20:30 - Laveda has a chat with IK about her time in the house. She's shocked that 11 housemates nominated her. 

20:27 - Laveda is evicted from the Big Brother house, making her the 6th hotshot to be evicted.

20:23 - Nhlanhla reveals that he put up Macky2 because he feels he's very confident in his game.

20:15 - Tayo wins last week's 'Star-Mater' as the sexiest housemate.

20:10 - IK talks about the pressure cooking in the house and how Luis threatened to leave.

20:06 - Rapper K.K from Namibia steps on stage for a performance.

20:05 - Highlights from last week's eviction show are shown. Lilian, Esther and Sabina were evicted.

20:00 - The third eviction show starts. Host IK on stage, talks about the previous evictions and major happenings of the week.

19:50 - 10 minutes to the show, Alusa takes his "Mic" and pretends to be IK, asking fellow housemates questions.

19:30 - Housemates are dressed and ready for the live eviction show. Only 30 mins left.

17:40 - Nominees are told to place their luggage in the store room. 

17:22 - Lastly, M'am Bea told Big Brother that she is proud of herself that she hasn't held back anything. She hopes Africa still wants to see more of her and that Africa will choose the best person to stay depending on their personalities.

17:12 -
Permithias is chilled but doesn't know how he feels about the live show. He appreciates the attention that comes from Laveda but doesn't take their relationship as a full-time job as he's engaged in other as well. He's excited whether staying or leaving.

17:06 -
Laveda says she's enjoying every moment in the house. She doesn't want to leave because she till has alot to show and hopes Africa wants to see more of her. She would like to be remembered as the most entertaining girl. She sings, "Africa save me."

17:00 -
JJ tells Biggie that he feels blessed and has enjoyed every moment in the house.

16:50 -
Ellah feels she has a 5/10 chance of surviving because according to her, she's up against strong characters. She's grateful for the opportunity of being on the show.

16:40 -
Nomination diary sessions start. Alusa is confident about surviving the evictions. But if he leaves he'll miss the tasks most.

15:20 - Big Brother tells all housemates to pack their bags.

14:44 - Alusa, Sipe, M'am Bea, Laveda, Arthur, Kacey Moore and Ellah sing songs of praise to the Lord as Tayo drums.

13:50  -
Housemates take turns to shop for their groceries on the touch screen.

12:49 -
Sheillah assures M'am Bea that she will not be evicted tonight and quickly asks to borrow her skirt for her outfit the eviction show!

12:30 - Housemates have their lunch.

11:10 - As the hair session continues outside, there are giggles in the house as the housemates talk about any and everything.

10:45 - HoH Nhlanhla finally gets up and starts with some exercise.

10:30 - Arthur gets himself a personal hairdresser - Luis. They talk about family relationships and friendships along with Mr. 265, Goitse, Sipe and Macky2.

10:05 - Alusa and JJ letting off some steam in the garden. Anxious about the looming evictions maybe?

09:50 - Butterphly has been busy in the kitchen since morning. Shout out the Zambian lady!

09:30 - The hair-dressers are in the house and first to get his hair done is Permithias, Laveda soon joins him.

09:20 - Samantha files Permithias' nails and the two engage in light conversation and assure each other that they pray for one another.

09:10 - Laveda and JJ are not about to stop and Biggie keeps unleashing fine tunes!

09:00 - JJ and Laveda are getting their morning exercise with some dancing.

08:50 - M'am Bea is clearly enjoying Biggie's music. One has never wiggled so much whilst washing dishes!

08:40 - Tayo, Frankie and Alusa talk about how much doing their hair is in their homes.

08:00 - It's a cool Sunday morning. Mr. 265, Butterphly and M'am Bea go about cleaning the lounge and the kitchen. Biggie has every housemate up with some soul music.


  1. Okotie EjirogheneOct 27, 2014, 6:26:00 AM

    Tay,,,,,,,,,,,o, u 're d ' Oba ' of BBA hotshot,! u can't go transfer

  2. Sheillah is TALENTED in every sense of the yeah...thers no way she cnt be viewed as a threat! hahahahahaha....she aint going nowhere still need to drool over her performances! Team Sheillah