Monday, October 27, 2014

Live Updates: Day 22

20:45 - JJ gets a gift for winning today's HoH task.
20:32 - Big Brother announces this weeks nominees and they are: Arthur, Kacey Moore, Luis, Mr. 265, Macky2, Sheillah. As HoH, JJ adds Frankie to the list. 

20:26 - Housemates gather in the lounge as the nomination show is about to begin. 

19:50 - Tayo receives another gift for being the sexiest housemate.  

19:42 - Kacey Moore was last in today's diaries, he is not sacred about being nominated. He doesn't know what Africa wants. Everyone is shaking, people are re-strategizing and he doesn't care how others play the game anymore.

19:35 - Nhlanhla hopes Africa saves him if he's up. That he's cooking for everyone because it's the food he likes and to get enough on his plate. He's cool with JJ as HoH and is looking forward to his nomination add. He predicts JJ may add Tayo or Frankie.

19:26 - Macky2 says finding out that he was added to the nominations was terrifying but he expected it and is glad that Africa kept him in the game. He still needs competition in the game as it's still early, right not he'd rather nominate the people that are not close to him. He also mentions that the more they stay the more their true personalities come out.

19:17 - Arthur tells Biggie that people have started changing from what they were in the beginning and he says that people are no longer acting. He wonders what Africa thinks of him but he is ready for whatever comes.

18:50 - Housemates gather in the kitchen for dinner.

18:35  -
Permithias says that M'am Bea is all over him now that Laveda left. He misses Laveda and gives her a farewell message.

18:28 -
Tayo is called to the diary room, he is happy that he was part of the team that won the extravaganza. He was relieved that he was not added to the nominations by the HoH. He wishes he knew what Africa likes about him so that he can keep doing that.

18:20 - Sipe is grateful that she's still in the game. She feels happy and humbled to be on the winning extravaganza team. That at this point it is very tricky to judge whether someone is strong as the people they thought would stay in the house for long left and those they didnt think will last are still in the house. She is happy that JJ won the HoH because abasing on the food management task, he handled it very well. 

18:04 - Goitse in her diary session talks about the argument he had with Idris on Friday night and mentions that they haven't talked since the incident but that does not affect her game. She also feels nominations are getting harder as the game progresses.   

17:50 - HoH reads out more instructions for their task. Housemates have been divided into 2 groups, Green and Pink, for the stomping dance task.

17:39 - Ellah tells Big Brother in the diary room that she feels humbled for having been saved and then being part of the winning extravaganza team. She thinks JJ will do well as HoH because he is a team leader and talented. Regardless of what happens on Sunday she hopes this will be her worry-free week to be her loud and happy self.

17:30 - Idris' weekend was hectic but he is glad they won the extravaganza. The evictions have made him think of the game differently because he doesn't know what Africa thinks. He feels JJ is the strongest person in the house right now because of his energy and talent and Macky2 is the weakest link because he is in his own space. That he will say NO incase Goitse comes claiming to like him.

17:22 - Trezagah is feeling good. The weekend was so nice starting from the party on Friday and then winning the extravaganza. The evictions were sad because Alusa was his friend and Laveda was strong. But he has learnt that it's all about keeping it real. He will try get out of his comfort zone and do his best. 

17:10 - Frankie says he is excited that his team won the extravaganza. Alusa's eviction was such a shock because his presence would be felt since the beginning. Nominations are getting harder and harder as the game progresses.   

17:02 - Mr. 265 does not feel too good because of Alusa's eviction, losing the extravaganza task and the mood in the house. He misses Alusa most because of his energy but at the end of the day it's a game so he has to get his spirits back up. He was not up for a 100% wager this week but is still confident they will make it.  

16:37 - Luis is proud of himself for having come this far in the game. It was very emotional  that Laveda and Alusa left last night. The game is confusing because they don't know what  Africa likes. He feels JJ will do well as HoH. He is terrified as regards to nominations but hopes to make it until the finals.  

16:24 - M'am Bea says it's amazing that she was saved by Africa. She still has more to show so she's going to do her best. She will miss Alusa because they got along well. Her strategy this week is to continue being herself. She thanks Africa for all the support. 

16:17 - Butterphly tells Biggie that Alusa's eviction was crazy because he's charismatic. His eviction means they should never know what to expect. She is happy and feels good to be part of last week's extravaganza winning team. JJ is cool and she is super happy that he is HoH.  

16:10 - Sheillah mentions that her biggest highlight of the weekend was the DJ from Botswana who came for the party. Her relationship with fellow countrymate Goitse is great even though they don't talk a lot. Last night was another big surprise to her because the people they see as competition are the people that are getting evicted. It's hard to tell who JJ will put up because he is friendly to everyone. If she is on the nomination list tonight, she will live each day as it comes and wait  for Sunday to see the outcome.  

15:56 - In her diary session, Samantha says that the weekend was emotionally draining but ok. She keeps telling herself that it's a game but it's difficult because of the emotions involved. She hoped Alusa would survive last night's eviction but was sad that he left. She prays this week she'll be in the winning extravaganza team because she's been in the losing team 2 times in a row now.

15:50 - JJ is first in the diary room for today's diaries, he is happy Africa saved him but was saddened by Alusa's eviction because he was close to him. This week is exciting because of the stomping task they've received. As HoH he plans on putting up a system  that will make all housemates pull their weight. 

14:35 - The Hotshots share ideas on how they'll go about this week's stomping task. 

14:18 - Housemates are told to remain in the garden until further notice.

14:06 - It's time for housemates to decide on their wager for this week. For the 4th time in a row they've decided to wager 100%.

13:55 - M'am Bea helps Tayo with his hair, she shares with him about her family.  

13:30 - Macky2, Sipe and Goitse discuss about being part of social media. Sipe then says that she's bored and wants Biggie to give them a task already.

13:05 -
Tayo and Frankie are talking, the Nigerian talks about his days at school and strictness of her sisters.

12:40 -
Samantha and Idris chat as they lay on the bed.

11:55 -
Arthur voices his desire to be HoH real bad and so does Ellah.

12:08 -
Housemates head back inside the house.

12:15 -
On the podium, JJ is donned with the HoH medal by Nhlanhla and others congratulate him, Samantha gives him a hug.

12:07 - JJ completes the puzzle first and becomes this week's HoH.   

12:00 - Housemates go to the garden for the task. Samantha, Sipe and JJ are the racers while the rest watch. 

11:50 - Outgoing HoH reads out the HoH task. The 3 qualifying housemates will race and complete a puzzle, the first racer to complete the puzzle will become the next HoH. 

11:46 - JJ, Samantha and Sipe find the red balls and therefore qualify for this week's HoH task.
10:55 - Housemates gather in the lounge and Nhlanhla reads out the HoH task qualifier. The first 3 housemates to find the 3 red balls hidden in the garden will qualify for the HoH task. 

10:40 - Idris and Ellah have a chat in the garden.

10:30 - Luis joins the Jam session.

10:10 - Macky2 works out as Kacey, Permithias and JJ continue with their Jam session.

10:00 - Kacey Moore joins JJ and Permithias outside.

09:59 - Hot water is now available, says Biggie.

09:57 - Probably shying away from the other housemates' distraction, JJ and Permithias make their way to the garden and the duo play the guitar and sing.

09:55 - JJ and Permithias play the guitar and sing respectively.

09:54 - Macky2 teases Butterphly to sing for them.

09:53 - It's a cold morning, housemates all wrapped up.

09:52 - Kacey Moore on the mic now as Benjamin’s session ends, he’ll return next week.

09:45 - Ellah warns that she has a cracked voice but she fairy does well with Happy day.

09:35 - Frankie seems to be having fun with his turn, making a few others crack up.

09:30 - Sheillah on the mic and gets some tips from RJ, he tells her mind her peak and low tones.

09:22 - JJ is next behind the mic.

09:15 - It's time for the guitar and Permithias takes the first shot. Great performance there, Benjamin seems impressed too.

09:05 - Vocal coach RJ Benjamin drops by for a vocal exercise. After an eventful eviction night, this is probably the type of relaxation they need.

08:55 - Biggie says the front doors may now be opened and Housemates make their way to the lounge.

08:40 - Armed with their bedding, Housemates sit outside and talk in hashed tones.

08:30 - Sleepy housemates  are told to make their way to the garden until further notice.

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