Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Live Updates: Day 23

20:40 - Nhlanhla gives Permithias some tips on hiding food and booze.

20:27 -
Tayo talks relationships and birth control while a limited amount of alcohol is delivered to the house on the other side.

19:45 -
Housemates get cracking on their Stomp pieces while Permithias is at the centre of the jamming of another sweet ditty. Tayo commends him on his talent.

19:30 -
Mr.265 tries to wake sleeping Butterphly.

18:45 -
Nhlanhla suggests that M'am Bea and Samantha get detention for helping Idris out on his punishement.

18:20 -
Several housemates sleep while others labour away at the drums. Looks like disciplines becoming a question again.

17:30  - Arthur feels that JJ is doing a good job as HoH. He feels that the housemates are working better together and feels that they will win the wager.

16:57 -
Nhlanhla argues with Sheillah that they want to go and change the wager percentage to lower than 100%. Permithias is in the diary room and he complains about JJ. He is suspicious that JJ may have out him up.

16:32 - Housemates gather in the living room. Big Brother has decided to show them a video of a stomp performance so that they understand what they are supposed to do.

16:24 -
Frankie feels that the housemates are working together. "We are Hotshots and we want to prove that." He is pleased for Tayo that he got a second Star Meter gift.

16:15 -
Trezagah says that food is not as big an issue in the house now, as they are all sharing better now. He feels that they are all making a lot of noise as a few of the housemates don't know how to play their instruments. He feels that Tayo, Permithias, Kacey Moore and JJ should take the lead for the task.

16:09 -
Mr. 265 feels that his game in the house is going well. He also feels like this week is a crucial week for him as he will see where he stands with the rest of Africa. He believes that he has a seven out of ten chance in staying in the house.

16:02 -
Luis says that the task has been a bit of a challenge. That he tries to please people as much as he can though some people take it as a weakness.

15:38 -
Nhlanhla talks about the task with Biggie, "So far now we are just pushing on our last bar of energy."

15:27 -
Kacey Moore tells Big Brother that the task is coming along well. He us looking forward to Sunday and hopes to stay.

15:20  -
M'am Bea tells Biggie that she is frustrated with Idris because he is still confused about Goitse. Kacey Moore is finding not working with non-traditional music instruments a bit difficult.

15:15 -
JJ is happy because the house is cleaner than ever. He prays and hopes they win the wager. The fact he has lost lots of friends to street crime makes him work hard in life.

15:09 -
Samantha is having a good day and says the task is coming together but a bit confusing. Idris' punishment is the best because he was being lazy. That being HoH is good and bad because it means fans are appreciating you while it portrays a bad picture to others as competition.

15:03 -
Macky2 is confident that the housemates wil win the wager. He also feels that the punishment taught everybody a lesson to be responsible for their actions. 

14:56  - Idris talks about Goitse and Sipe sings for Biggie while Sheillah wants to call this week "Beauty and the Beast nomination week" as she is the only woman nominated. Biggie suggests "The rose among the thorns."

14:50 -
Sheillah doesn't want to say that she is safe because her game depends on how Africa sees her. That she'd rather be humble than optimistic. She feels Idris' punishment is kinda cruel.

14:36 -
Ellah says they are trying their best with the task though most of them don't know what they are doing and she is one of those who don't know. Never the less she hope they will impress and win the wager.

14:30 -
Tayo tells Biggie he was very happy last night when he got another star gift but maybe housemates should be told what the gifts are all about as some gave him weird faces and some make some jokes about it. He thought Idris was to get a bigger punishment than that.

14:22 -
Goitse discusses that the mood in the house is just relaxed and preparations are going on, JJ is a good coordinator and he is getting it there. She feels they are very far from close to what Africa wants because the people who left on Sunday was a shock.

14:15 -
Butterphly is called to the diary room, she says that everybody is in check as far as the task is concerned. That initially they were lost but now she believes they understand what to do. She thinks people don't realise that she wants to talk a lot and have fun.

13:14 - JJ is having fun with Idris, he's whistling at any opportunity and poor Idris has to run to him.

12:55 -
Samantha, Sipe, and Idris talk about the impact of social media.

12:10 - Idris has been punished by Big Brother for vandalising the door on Friday night. For the next 48 hours he will be at the beckon call of Big Brother and the HoH. His activities will include doing all the house chores, including cooking, cleaning, fetching and carrying. 

11:30 -  Housemates are excited to receive props for their stomp. In the garden, Idris, Frankie, Tayo, Arthur and others are practicing drumming.

10:15 - As Housemates finish breakfast, Big Brother tells them to go the bedroom until further notice.

09:40 - Ellah and JJ prepare breakfast while chatting with Mr. 265 and Tayo. Frankie washes the dishes.

09:15 - Sheillah talks about her concern over being nominated.

08:56 - JJ helps M'am Bea and Samantha do some weight lifting.

08:54 - It's shower hour as hot water is made available.

08:52 - Mr. 265 is told to check whether he's wearing his mic correctly.

08:50 - As usual the boys have an extra workout in the gym.

08:57 - The exercise session ends and the visibly tired housemates get back to the house.

08:45 - Trezagah retreats to the kitchen doing the dishes, seems he’s had enough of the running around.

08:25 - Instructor Fundayi takes Housemates through workout session in the garden. Most housemates have turned up today.


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