Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Live Updates: Day 24

20:10 - Housemates enjoy pizza and drinks courtesy of Biggie for winning their wager.
19:40 - Big Brother announces that despite some confusion during task preparation, housemates have stomped their way and won the 100% wager! Congratulation housemates.

19:35 - Pink team take the stage and just like the green team put up a great performance.

19:30 - Task presentation starts with the green team on stage.

19:19 -
Housemates set up their stage and then head back inside to wait for the show to start.

19:00 -
Big Brother tells the housemates that they are allowed to move outside to prepare for the task presentation.

18:37 -
Sipe and Goitse discuss group work and how they feel some of their ideas are not heard.

18:00 -
Housemates find extra energy and put their all into the final task rehearsal. Mr. 265 dozes in the bedroom.

17:37 -
Dairy sessions continue, JJ tells Biggie that his reign as Head of House is going well. However, he thinks that people are not happy with him, because he is very strict.

17:00 -
The green team start working on a dance and the pink team gather around their drums to start working on a dance. Tayo is called into the diary room. He is missing home a lot this week.

16:42 -
Housemates gather in the living room, Big Brother reminds them that there is a crafted dance routine for tonight's performance.

16:22 - Mr. 265 says likes honest people. "Big up to the Big Brother experience" he is loving the time in the house.

16:13 -
Butterphly is doing well, or so she tells Biggie. She talks about the long standing thing between Mr. 265 and her, she broke down a bit this morning.

16:10 -
Kacey Moore talks about staying grounded and his wife and daughter.

15:55 -
Sheillah talks about tolerance, acceptance and then friendship. She talks about her friendships in the house. She chats about her and Nhlanhla flirting with each other.

15:34 -
Samantha discusses peoples personalities in the house, She discusses the Goitse, Idris and Permithias situation. She says that people are definitely playing their game. She also discusses her relationship with JJ.

15:29 -
"A tired looking Macky2 in the diary room today." Macky2 says that they are prepared for the wage task tonight.

15:22 -
Sipe observes that Nhlanhla keeps trying to annoy her, she chooses not to "stoop to his level." Biggie asks her about the one thing she has most learned about herself in the house. She says that she has learned to stand up for herself.

15:13 -
Food is served in the living room and everyone is eating, obviously starving after their practising. Idris is called into the diary room. He says that he is enjoying himself and has accepted what has happened with Goitse. "Can you say Mister Idris?"

15:05 -
Permithias is called back the diary room. He says that there is a lot of tension building in the house between JJ and several housemates. He feels it has something to do with Samantha. 

14:40 - Housemates resume rehearsals for their task presentation.

13:38 - Frankie also says he's not pleased with JJ's extreme leadership, M'am Bea urges them to calm down and promises to talk to  JJ.

13:20 -
Tayo snaps at JJ for apparently ordering them around. He says he hates being ordered around and that they've done enough rehearsals already so his medulla oblongata needs a rest.

12:50 - M'am Bea shaves Tayo's face. Samantha joins them and shares some snacks with them.

12:40 -
Permithias cozies up to Samantha while Luis, Mr.265, Sipe and Macky2 have a chat about event.

12:38 - Arthur, Kacey Moore and Ellah are composing a song.

12:15 -
Housemates take a break from rehearsals and go indoors. 

11:05 - JJ reads out today's task brief to the rest. Biggie has also supplied housemates with outfits for their presentation tonight.

10:48 - Frankie and Goitse talk in hashed tones in the kitchen.

10:25 - Tayo, Frankie and Goitse have breakfast. Idris joins them shortly.

10:20 - Permithias does a rendition of Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks' 'No Air'.

10:01 - Shower hour ends and hot water is no longer available.

19:49 - Sheillah contemplates having a shower.

19:47 - Sheillah says she won’t be 'drinking' again because her chest is terrible. She also says it’s been log since she last smoked a cigar.

19:32 - Macky2, Mr. 265 and Permithias are cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

19:20 - Ellah in her towel takes her breakfast, Kacey keeping a close watch.

19:15 - HoH is called to the diary room, Ellah inquires from Biggie whether they'll be having costumes today.

19:10 - JJ shares with Mr. 265 that people ought to treat others well because it’s haunting to mistreat others.

19:00 - Hot water is now available. Shower hour starts.

08:56 - Goitse is told to check whether she’s wearing her mic correctly.

08:52 - Clint's visit ends but seems housemates were having a blast with his presence, he however promises to end what they’ve started on his next visit.

08:42 - Permithias and Kacey are already into character, everyone is clearly impressed with the duo’s performance.

08:30 - Actor/director Clint Brick is in the house to equip housemate with acting skills, everyone seems excited.



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