Thursday, October 30, 2014

Live Updates: Day 25

20:55 - Frankie and Goitse engage in a conversation. They seem to be getting closer and closer.
19:48 - The jam session turns into an argument after Arthur joins the group and tells Permithias he can make it in UK with his kind of music, other don't agree with his statement. Samantha and Idris also join in.

19:30 - After supper, M'am Bea, Tayo, Trezagah, Permithias and Frankie engage in a jam session in the garden.

18:40 - Housemates gather in the kitchen for dinner.

17:25 - Tayo is also enjoying a massage from Ellah.

16:52 - M'am Bea is giving Trezagah a back rub. In the kitchen, Sipe, Kacey Moore and Ellah are preparing a meal, Idris lends a hand.

16:20 - Teams are coming up with concepts for their Extravaganza performances.

15:29 - Ellah is has a big smile because they won the task. Says they won because for once they humbled themselves and put in more practice. She loved the extravaganza team selection method because Biggie took the power back and left it all to luck. She feels there is no Prince charming in the house unless Biggie brings in new housemates.

15:15 -
Permithias says he's feeling like an outcast in the house. Big Brother tells him that, "They hate you 'cause they ain't you", which makes him feel better.

15:00 -
Sheillah is still struggling with her scalp itching. Ellah applied baby powder to sooth the itchy scalp as her hair grows back.

14:49 -
Kacey Moore tells Biggie that having pizza yesterday reminded him of home as sometimes they do not cook supper but instead order some pizza.

14:44 - Macky2 tells Biggie that the reward was awesome, that they did very good job basing on the fact that he had to rap which is what he does. About the random team selection he says it is good though the HoH was not given a chance to randomly choose his team but he is cool either way, he feels he is on the better team this time. All housemates have learned self control because of Idris' punishment. Lastly he says he doesn't believe in fairy tales but believes that if u want something, don't wait for it to happen just go and get it.

14:34 -
JJ in the diary room. He feels good that they won the wager and he doesn't mind how housemates feel at the end of the day as long as he gets the job done, they will appreciate later. On Goitse and Idris, he says Goitse is a very mature girl and that they have failed to communicate and show Africa what they are made of in the short time they have to be in the house.

14:26 - Luis is feeling refreshed. He wasn't feeling so confident about being nominated but after talking to Biggie in the diary room he is now fine and he feels he is learning new things everyday. He says hair tells who you are and they change because they are following emotions and also ability to change, skills and versatility.

14:18 -
Samantha tells Big Brother that it feels amazing that they won and it was awesome because they put in a lot of effort. She is doing quite well and doesn't have any complaint. She is excited about the extravaganza and thinks that the way teams were chosen it is really good as people used to feel bad when not chosen by the HoH, that this time the HoH curse will stop. 

14:03 - Sipe was so excited that they won the wager but her hands were hurting after drumming a lot yesterday. She is happy with her extravaganza team and their Downtown theme. She feels housemates change hairstyles for attention, to stand out or just because of a need to change. 

13:55 - Frankie feels good and enjoyed the pizza last night after winning the wager. He says the way the extravaganza teams were selected was tremendous and preparations are coming along well.

13:48 - Nhlanhla feels great that they won the wager. He likes their extravaganza theme as that is what they have been doing this week and they only need to do better. The teams were chosen fairly and that is what he also wanted.

13:38 - Goitse says they are still recovering from over-eating last night, the loved the pizza. Extravaganza teams were chosen in a good way and now they are trying to digest their themes. About her and Idris she says it will never work as he looks very stupid and if he wanted to talk to her, he could go straight to her and talk to her. That she even told Sipe how she feels. She still means what she said to Idris on Friday and she wont change a thing.

13:30 -
Mr. 265 talks about the amazing support he got from fellow housemates which made him emotional, that they understood him and started caring about him. Extravaganza teams were chosen in an interesting way, they are equally divided and he thinks it might work to their advantage basing on the way they understood the brief.

13:23 - Tayo says that his energy has been on top since he woke up today. He talks about how they all like different things and for him he likes to do something he wants. If he was able he would be shopping every week. He thinks Idris learned something from the punishment though he is young and playful. That people say Idris is the young version of him.

13:15 -
M'am Bea is happy that they won their wager. She likes the way teams were chosen this time as there was no favoritism and no one was chosen basing on friendship, that everything is now fine and the competition is gonna be very tight. She tells Biggie that Idris has learned his lesson and the punishment helped the house a lot.

13:08 - Arthur is feeling really good. The night was so amazing because they won the wager, he likes his extravaganza group and thanks Biggie for the random section.

12:57 -
Diary sessions start: Idris thanks Biggie for the the punishment because it has made him learn a lot. That the Goitse he wanted was a ball and he failed to see that she was a cup which means he went for the wrong girl. He mentions that this is day 1 for him in the game. Big Brother tells him that his punishment is officially over.

12:43 - Teams start discussing their themes for the extravaganza.

12:30 -  Team A members: JJ, Idris, Sipe, Tayo, Luis, Mr. 265, Kacey Moore, Butterphly and Sheillah

Team B members:
Frankie, Trezagah, Permithia, Macky2, Arthur, Ellah, Goitse, Samantha, M'am Bea and Nhlanhla.

12:28 - Team B choose the 'Urban' theme while Team A takes the 'Downtown' theme.

12:25 - Big Brother tells housemates to go to the garden and gather in their teams. It's time for the teams to choose their themes for the extravaganza after rolling the dice. 

12:10 - Sipe is not happy as she wanted to be in Team B.

11:56 - For their Shadow dance/ Stomp Extravaganza this week, Big Brother requires housemates to expand on yesterday's stomp performance by composing more music, add dance routines and more elements to the stomp performance. Housemates have been divided into teams randomly. HoH's team is Team A and the other is Team B.

11:55 - Housemates gather in the living room and HoH JJ reads out this week's extravaganza task brief.

10:38 - Permithias also gets a back massage courtesy of Butterphly.

10:20 - Samantha massages JJ's back as the two chat with Permithias.

09:50 - Tayo engages Frankie, Nhlanhla, Mr.265, Idris and Macky2 in a conversation as the gang have their breakfast.

09:40 - The boys sing MJ's 'You Are Not Alone' and talk about the late Pop star's life.

09:32 - Mr. 265, Frankie, Kacey and Idris do a rendition of MJ's 'Remember The Time', pulling off some MJ dance moves.

09:25 - Mr.265, Frankie, Kacey are in the kitchen making some fries.

09:07 - Idris is in the kitchen, seems he woke up on the right side of his bed today. Meanwhile, he'll today be finishing his 48 hours punishment.

09:00 - It's shower hour as hot water is made available.

08:58 - JJ and Macky2, try out the weights as usual.

08:45 - Nhlanhla and Sheillah cuddle outside.

08:42 - The exercise session ends as Biggie calls the instructor to the store room.

08:17 - Sipe and Butterphly miss out on the workout, they preferred staying in the bedroom.

08:00 - Housemates are taken through a stretching workout to start their day energised.


  1. Team B got this.................Team Goitse all the way

  2. Team A is perfect.......... Team Tayo all the way

  3. This ugly goitse really sees hersrlf as matured but she is more childish thsn a 2 year old....Gsl STFUP Idris is over u

  4. Goitse are a woman of substance and very for them boys who fall quickly in and out of love we dnt give!!! We ain got time for that..... team Focused on the mula...Team Goitse!..Hater can drink eir own pee for all we care!

  5. There is nothing wrong with either GOITSE nor Idris. They are just not made for each other! There is simply no chemistry between them period. Each of them should move, it's not a big deal!! I love Idris, he is happy hanging around with Samantha , let him have a good time while it lasts! As for the Tsana gal, she has the right to say no!

    1. I cudnt have said it beta!....