Friday, October 31, 2014

Live Updates: Day 26

20:30 - Housemates get ready for the Jameson Halloween party which is about to begin.
18:25 - Housemates gather in the living room and Biggie shows them a shadow dance video to guide them in the extravaganza preparations.

17:12 - Diary sessions end with M'am Bea who excited about the party. She says things have been going on crazily in the house and people are becoming more comfortable with her though here are certain personalities she wouldn't be comfortable with so she's drawn a certain line around her. According to her she's still like the mother hen in the house because she's sweet, caring and attends all to people when necessarily though some keep to themselves.

16:58 -
JJ is having headache and back problems, Biggie promises to organise medical help for him. He feels his teammates are capable of doing the job but they've got lots to say and too many captains in the ship. That Sheillah has a good voice but doesn't listen and likes things going her way, Mr. 265 instigates when things aren't really going his way while Tayo can be over the top sometimes. He is not a party person but hopes they enjoy themselves tonight at the party.

16:49 -
Nhlanhla says his t.shirt's design is inspired by tonight's Halloween party and for ventilation purposes because it's a hot day. He believes Sheillah is not going anywhere on Sunday because he has a strong feeling about it.

16:40 -
Frankie says his teams is doing well and he thinks they're going to get the job done. The higher you go the harder it becomes but he is ready for whatever comes. He is going with the flow but requests for his music to be played and Biggie promises not to let him down.

16:22 - Goitse feels much better after receiving some medication. According to her this week's extravaganza task is more detailed and she's looking forward to the performances. She has learnt new things in the house like playing the drums, piano and the saxophone. She looks forward to the Halloween party but she's very scared of the dark.

16:16 -
Ellah thinks her team has made and positive improvement with their storyline and he hopes to pulls of her first directing role for the extravaganza. She also says that she is trying to show herself more and not stay in the background anymore.

16:09 -
Idris says his team had some disagreements about the extravaganza but they're doing good now. That he has upped his game, he's being himself and is now seeing everything clearly.

16:04 - Kacey Moore feels that extravaganza preparations for his team are now going well despite the few hitches they had in the beginning. He says he has become more close to Ellah and spends more time with her. He's looking forward to see how the Halloween party is going to be like.

15:57 - Mr. 265 is excited about tonight's party, he can't wait to see how the setting is going to be like. His team has managed to get the storyline for their performance after some arguments and he his confident they're going to win the extravaganza. That immunity has become so important in the house and they are all fighting to win it.

15:48 -
Tayo says they are doing good and they're all looking forward to the Halloween party tonight. His team is working together to put up a great extravaganza show and he expects competition to be intense as both teams want to win immunity. He doesn't have a problem with anybody in the house and he's cool. That he has had to bend some of his principals and be tolerant to be able to stay in the house.

15:42 -
Diary Session continue: Arthur is happy with his team because they are paying attention to details. That he is working with Ellah in directing the whole piece and everybody is doing something. He is trying to show the other side of him which is poetry and singing, he has created a song with Ellah and Kacey Moore and he feels proud of himself.

15:15 - Housemates are enjoying their lunch.

15:01 - Samantha feels tonight's Halloween party will help them ease some tension even though she doesn't drink. She only hopes they will be disciplined enough as they have extravaganza performances tomorrow. That for the first time she is pleased that her team is working together very well. She will continue to be herself and try to get along with everyone.

14:58 - Lunch is finally served, thanks to Kacey Moore and M'am Bea.

14:53 - Sheillah tells Biggie that they are doing great but the extravaganza is hard and abit confusing though some people don't want to admit it. She feels competition is going to be tight as always. That she wants to wear her yellow dress for the party tonight, Biggie tells her that it's OK.

14:47 -
Macky2 says he's happy because their presentation is finally starting to make sense. He still feels their team has the upper hand and hopefully they'll do great tomorrow. That the mood in the house is relaxed now which is good thing. The Big Brother experience has taught him to deal with group dynamics.

14:40 -
Trezagah is feeling good. Things are slowly getting things together in his team and he thinks they will put up a good show tomorrow. He will party tonight but not exessively because he has to reserve energy for the extravaganza.

14:32 - Permithias says there's alot of calm in the house right now and they're now focusing on the main goal. He stresses that one doesn't have to be insensitive in-order to put a point across. He also says that he misses Laveda's attention. Big Brother motivates him to continue playing his game.

14:25 -
Luis tells Big Brother he had an altercation with JJ earlier on concerning who to direct their team but they've now come to an understanding and are moving forward. He looks forward to the party tonight. 

14:20 - Butterphly is extremely well. That she had promised herself not to ever naps in the afternoon but as soon as she said it, she slept again. She mentions that there was a struggle for power in her team in the morning but now she's excited with the route they've taken. She says if Biggie throws them a Halloween party tonight, it will be so awesome. On her relationship with Mr. 265, she says it's complicated. Her aim is to learn as much as she can in the house. 

14:15 - Sipe tells Biggie she's having a bad hair day but she's looking forward to tonight's party. She complains about Sheillah that she doesn't want to cooperate in the extravaganza preparation which is stressing her. She thinks winning is going to be difficult for her Team (A) if they continue with the disagreements.

14:10 - Teams resume discussing their extravaganza themes and diary sessions start.

13:15 - Goitse and Frankie have a bonding session in the living room.

13:10 - Idris tells Samantha that he loves her so much, Samantha responds saying she loves him too.

12:50 - Ellah is washing dishes with the help of Arthur, they sing some local songs while at it. 

12:43 - Nhlanhla and Sheillah are chillaxing in the lounge, they're talking about marriage and other things.

12:20 - Sipe joins Macky2 and Idris in a conversation on the kitchen counter, they're talking about baking products. Permithias is washing his clothes while chatting with Butterphly about relationships.

12:08 - Tayo, JJ and Mr. 265 are sleeping in "Beverly Hills", Kacey Moore and M'am Bea and preparing lunch.
11:41 - Biggie tells housemates that the front door may now be opened.

10:50 -
Housemates are told to go to the garden and remain there until further notice.

10:45 -
Mr. 265 is called to the diary room, he comes out shortly with instruction from Biggie.

10:20 -
Frankie and Permithias talk about Tayo's temper and how he carries himself in the house.

10:00 -
Shower hour ends.

09:45 -
Idris tells JJ  that Butterphly was unhappy with the way he trashed her ideas, JJ says he's not taking over but just being creative.

09:57 -
Team B discusses their Uptown theme for the extravaganza.

09:52 - Mr. 265, Luis and Idris want JJ as the group leader to come up with an idea which they should build on but JJ emphasises that all his team members should come up with ideas and then bring everything together. 

09:25 - Team A members are on the shade brainstorming about their theme. It looks like they haven't agreed on a storyline yet as they are still arguing out ideas.

09:00 - Hot water is made available and shower hour starts.

08:40 - Housemates start preparing breakfast.

08:53 - Thabo's session ends as he is called to the store room.

08:35 - Thabo Moloto gives housemates some ideas for their shadow dance/stomp extravaganza.

08:25 - Trezagah was an early bird today and cleaned the house thoroughly.

08:00 - It's Day 26 of Big Brother Hotshots. Follow all the day's updates as they happen on this page.

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