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Live Updates: Day 3

21:00 - M'am Bea sizzles behind the scenes, showing off a variety of her designs, modelled by some of the ladies of the house. Next up was Kacey Moore, with a song focusing on African unity. The presentation culminated with all the housemates gathering on stage to perform together.

20:45 - JJ turns MC, introducing Frankie's routine before Samantha and Idris come on stage.

20:30 - Trezagah impresses with rap skills, before Resa comes on stage with a foodie poem, followed by song and dance from Sipe, Esther and Sheillah.

20:15 - Lilian twerks for Africa, while Alusa extends his MC duties and shares a story on stage before playing the guitar as well.

20:00 - Mira, Goitse, Nhlanhla, Sabina and Mr. 265 get their chance to shine on stage during the housemates' presentation.

19:45 -
The presentation continues with Arthur's comedy, Laveda's saxophone, Permithias' poem and Ellah's song.

19:30 - The presentation has started and the stage heats up with Alusa, Tayo, Macky2 and Butterphly.

19:15 -
The housemates start moving outside, settling down for the task Africa has been waiting for with bated breath.

19:00 -
Excitement mounts in the house, as Big Brother announces there are only five minutes left before the presentation. The housemates are still trying to work out the running order. 

18:43 -
Ellah enters the diary room to talk with Biggie before the presentation.

18:29 -
Big Brother announces that the housemates have just 30 minutes until the presentation.

18:07 - Laveda is called in for her session with Biggie. Goitse follows fast on her heals as Biggie announces that the housemates have one hour to their performances.

17:53 -
Mira is next up in Biggie's Diary Room, Idris is next in. Biggie is not keeping the housemates long.

18:29 -
Big Brother announces that the housemates have just 30 minutes until the presentation.

17:46 -
Sheillah is in the hot seat now and is worried about her moods.

17:37 -
M'am Bea is in the Diary Room. Her session is short and sweet and Samantha is soon asked to make her way to the Diary Room.

17:27 -
Arthur is called into the Diary Room.

17:17 -
Permithias is worried that his oncoming flu will affect his performance tonight, he confides in Biggie in the Diary Room.

17:08 - The house is abuzz with music and performances as the housemates practice their routines for their first major performance for Africa inside the house. Mira and Arthur appear close, he has his arm around her.

16:51 - It's Tayo's turn in the Diary Room.

16:40 -
Esther is in the Diary room, she discusses the task and wishes Uganda a happy independence day tomorrow.

16:24 - The "energetic" Alusa is in with Biggie, he thinks that the mood is good in the house. Lillian is next in with her voice still off the charts.

16:12 -
Mr.265 is now in the Diary Room followed shortly after by Macky2.

16:02 - Trezagah is called into the Diary Room whilst Goitse and Idris fall into deep conversation in the house.

15:52 -
First Butterphly then Resa go in for their daily session with Biggie, Resa is feeling miserable as she is abit ill.

15:39 - JJ is now in for his session and speaking about his gripe of people not cleaning up after themselves.

15:34 -
Nhlanhla follows fast on the heals of Frankie. Biggie keeps it fast and furious.

15:25 -
Luis is in the Diary Room. As soon as he is finished, Biggie calls Frankie to the Diary Room.

15:10 - Permithias is goading Butterphly into admitting whom she likes in the house (apart from him). She says: "I don't like anyone in the house, I like everyone, but I do not 'like' anyone."

15:00 -
Mr. 265 and Butterphly are chatting whilst the guys cook up a storm in the kitchen.

14:45 -
JJ and Alusa cook in the kitchen and Trezagah joins them.

14:39 - Laveda has her saxophone and she is now jamming some smooth tunes.

14:05 - Tayo is getting a lot of attention from the ladies. Frankie and Sipe are deep in conversation in the kitchen.

13:38 -
Sipe is called to the Diary Room but there's a sound problems though. It gets sorted out. She feels that she is the housemate with the most star quality. They are confident about winning the task and are aware that the 100% wager requires 100% effort.

13:27 - Lilian is still dancing, she has a lot of energy for someone with a voice problem.

13:07 -
Alusa and Sipe sit chatting whilst Alusa plays a bit of guitar. M'am Bea sits with her arm rested on Arthur's shoulder.

12:50 -
Samantha talks about her mother and having to look after her sisters and her brother.

12:25 -
Lilian and her "voice" interviews Kacey Moore. Butterphly returns and interviews Trezagah.

12:10 - Arthur interviews Goitse, Laveda is called into the Diary Room. Alusa interviews Frankie and Samantha.

12:00 -
Idris asks Alusa "I was wondering what is a big black man doing wearing pink?" as a joke during the housemates interviews. The housemates are doing a great job.

11:45 - Butterphly plays presenter and interviews Sabina. Luis interviews Sheillah and Ellah and Mira who says "I am a very shy person".

11:36 - Laveda talks to everyone about the posters.

11:27 - Tayo tells Nigeria and the rest of Africa that he is a human being.

11:00 - The girls do each other's make-up.

10:50 - Laveda reads out the latest task.

10:45 - Mira tells Arthur to go get her some water.

10:30 - Mr265 and Trezagah, along with Arthur and Sheillah are deep in discussion."My real name is trouble" Mr 265 says.

10:15 - Butterphly is discussing singing whilst she is folding her clothing.

10:00 - Some chit chat, showering, dancing, breakfast.

09:45 - Samantha exercising outside along with Trezagah, Tayo and Frankie.

09:30 - Housemates relax after morning session.

09:15 - Session ends after an emotional morning. Clint Brink leaves.

09:00 - More housemates shed tears after JJ's performance.

08:45 - Mira breakdowns after explaining her poster.

08:30 - Housemates shed tears as they are moved by each performances.

08:15 - Well into session on stage performance. Housemates sharing what they have prepared so far.

07:50 - Clint Brink walks into the house. Clint Brink is a South Africa actor best known for his soapie roles as Shawn Jacobs in Backstage, as Bradley Paulse in Generations and as Tino Martins in Scandal!

07:20 - Mr.265 gives M'am Bea a leg massage. "Rub here, here and here, there, yes there, there, oh there.." she says to him.

07:10 - Some early risers already in conversation with each other whilst other housemates still asleep.

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