Thursday, October 09, 2014

Live Updates: Day 4

21:00 - Housemates gravitate back to their teams and continue to work on their tasks. All seem to be taking the task seriously.

20:44 - Some housemates unite over drinks from the store room.Perhaps the gap between housemates will be bridged.

20:38 -
Biggie opens up the store room and Esther screams in appreciation.

20:07 - JJ taking the lead as director and song writer in his group and the group members don't seem to mind.

19:56 -
The controvercial task is underway as housemates work in their separate groups.

19:26 - Housemates write down a list of additional props that they will need for the extravaganza.

19:15 -
Sipe assures Big Brother that Laveda's group will be sorry on Saturday.

19:00 -
Alusa says that the Housemates were in a 'nice zone' up until today. He also said that he anticipates some fighting to ensue.

18:50 - Ellah tells Biggie that the house has become very tense since the new task but says that she will keep her head up and do her best.

18:40 -
Trezagah says that the ladies are taking a liking to him because he is calm and humble.

18:30 - Frankie says that Housemates should be more receptive to constructive criticism.

18:20 -
Luis tells Biggie that the house has been divided since the latest task from him and that the atmosphere is very tense.

18:10 - Nhlanhla says that everyone is aware of the game as they are not exposing much about themselves.

17:55 -
Kacey Moore says that the housemates are wonderful people and that he noticed a hungry people wanting to achieve exploits during last night's performance.   

17:45 - Butterphly feels that the new task is dividing them. She also said that Lillian advised her to express her emotions. Today she said she think she achieved that.

17: 30 -
JJ is all smiles whilst in conversation with Biggie. Arthur comes in and complains about JJ betraying their show last night but says that he realises that he was playing his game.

17: 20 -
Laveda is confident that housemates respect and support her. She said that Hotshots were openly trying to be better than the others.

17:10 -
Samantha tells Biggie that there's a bit of drama in the house but maintains that housemates should respect one another.

17:00 -
M'am Bea feels hurt by the insensitivity of some of the housemates who made 'funny' comments about her cooking.

16:48 - Sheillah points that she doesn't see herself bonding with Resa because of the cold stares she seems to have attracted from her. She also feels Permithias is a pretender and believes that this will catch up with him in the game.

16:40 -
Mira stage fright, instead breaking her, empowered her in her performance piece last night. She feels that people's true colours are starting to show.

16:20 -
Idris feels Laveda has started playing the game - her Extravaganza selection makes that clear. Housemates who weren't chose by Laveda were furious because it makes them feel like outcasts. This group has a lot to prove.

16:10 -
Tayo feels grateful for last night's reward but admits that remarks he made to Arthur about Idris being a better stand-up comedian were made out of turn. He apologised but feels other Housemates attacked him about it and were rude to him. He understands now that this is a game.

16:04 - Sober-guy Macky2 tells Biggie he didn't understand the reward as he isn't a drinker. Feels that everyone is trying to hard to stay relevant in the House. He reckons his game plan is on point. Feels Trezagah could stand to come out of his shell.

15:51 -
Resa isn't convinced by the 'happy families' relations going on in the House. She feels it's all an act. She comments on Sheillah's alleged remark about somebody looking like a chiwawa, which she found to be two-faced. She confesses to being one of the people playing a subtle game.

15:44 -
While she is a fun and funny comedienne, for last nights performance single-mother Sabina wanted to showcase a deeper side to her talents with her performance piece. Her piece spoke to issues that she felt passionate about.

15:35 -
Lilian was proud of their performance last night and feels that indeed some things were not as they seem. Some had formed cliques and others are trying to out-shine HoH.

15:25 - Happy Independence Day to Uganda! Ugandan Esther walked in a bundle of joy following their first win last night. She's learnt that she may just have a talent for rapping and thanks Biggie for the platform to explore her talents.

15:16 -
Permithias kicks off the Diary session and reveals that Laveda seems to have picked only the cream of the crop for her Extravaganza team. He conluded that he was the player not the game.

14:41 -
Miscommunication ensues as the bunch try to figure out how to pin down the Extravaganza brief.

14:25 -
The first Extravaganza brief is in and for the first week Housemates are going to have to put together a musical. 

14:05 -
Biggie gives HoH Laveda a Task and provides Go-Pro camera's for the Housemates. She tells him about an idea to celebrate Goitse and Mira birthdays that took place recently.

13:50 -
The sound of Alusa's soulful strumming of the guitar attracts an audience in Samantha, Ellah and JJ.

13:35 -
It's Alusa's turn on the guitar as he and Sabina impress with an engaging rendition of Tracy Chapman's Talkin' Bout a Revolution.

13:20 -
Esther and Sheillah recount dramatic tales of how they got the better of low-lives and thieves on the outside.

12:55 -
Permithius and Butterphly discuss the merits of the game before talking about food, a subject Permithius knows well.

12:45 -
Let's talk about love. Arthur, Goitse and Laveda unpack love at first sight and crushes. "It's not that I don't believe in it, I just don't know," Goitse says about love at first sight.

12:30 -
Lilian blushes when Mr 265 says he's in love with her. "You thought I was drunk last night?" he questions. Mhmmm!

12:15 -
Goitse and JJ get to know each other better as he tells her about how romantic he is and how pretty his sister is.

12:00 - Sheillah the farter, Esther Miss I don't give a ***, Lilian Twerk Twerk Twerk and Sabina the blower are taken apart by talkshow host, Tayo about their time in the BBHotshots house.

11:35 - Tayo proves to be a man of many talents as he directs an impromptu drama skit featuring Lilian, Sheillah and Esther.

Set 1: A taxi - Lilian wants to sit comfortably in a packed taxi. Esther won't hear any of it.
Set 2: The Market place - Lilian has 'stolen' Esther's customer (Sheillah). The drama!
Set 3: Tayo plays a male gigolo and his mom Lilian walks in on him getting ready to get it on with an older woman, Esther. "I'm 40 in age, 20 in action," Esther quips.

11:15 -
Sheillah follows Lilian's lead as they gyrate to Tayo's drumbeat. HoH Laveda joins in the fun.

11:05 -
Oops! Frankie almost gets his head bitten off when he says Rihanna is a good songwriter. "She does not write her own songs!" Samantha spits, followed by a big "no!" from Idris.

10:50 -
How did the conversation turn to celebrity talk? Lupita, Akon, Nelson Mandela dominate the chat.

10:28 -
The conversation turns to female circumcision as Lilian announces her own experience of it.

10:11 - Dancer Goitse inspires Housemates to get down and get boogieing.

10:04 -
Crooner Kacey and Permithias serenade a blushing M'am Bea.

09:45 - The girls preen themselves ahead of Day 4's activities.

09:39 - Tayo, Samantha and Macky2 share notes on the delicacies and popular cuisines of their various countries.

09:25 - Lillain's unfortunate squeak persists while Tayo and Macky2 share notes on the music industries in their various countries.

09:23 - Housemates still on a high following their success during last nights presentation.

09:10 - The three boys talk about last nights antics before Task Presentation and speculate about various game-plans emerging.

09:00 - Nhlanhla joins Kacey and Permithias and they wander into a philosophical discussion about determination and how humans shouldn't limit themselves.

08:35 - Kacey Moore and Permithias talk brotherhood.

08:25 - Couple of the moment Nhanhla and Sheillah share an intimate morning chit chat.


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