Saturday, October 11, 2014

Live Updates: Day 6

21:05 - More energy, drama and music on stage with Sheillah's team.

20:47 - Laveda's team is on stage, taking Africa by storm.

20:18 - The housemates are in the garden and the show is about to begin.

20:07 -
It's almost show time for the hotshots and nerves are jangling.

19:54 -
Frankie gets a "face-lift"and the housemates scramble to get ready with only fifteen minutes left.

19:29 -
Tension is heightened as a fight breaks out between Nhlanhla and Tayo.

19:12 - The housemates decide they need to take it easy before going on stage, but their energy is boundless and they carry on.

18:58 -
The excitement in the house is palpable as the time for the extravaganza approaches.

18:40 -
Big Brother calls the housemates inside, telling them rehearsal is over, but they power through more runs nevertheless.

18:25 - Housemates are called individually into the diary room, while others create confetti.

18:10 -
Further preparation takes place with props and costumes for the housemates.

17:48 -
Big Brother opens the store room, as the housemates continue rehearsing.

17:34 -
Run-throughs for the extravaganza begin in earnest.

17:15 - Sabina, comfortable as ever in the role of director, gives her team notes on their performances.

17:05 -
Arthur and Goitse work through their routine in the lounge.

16:46 -
Tayo, Lillian and Sheillah talk about the unfairness/fairness of how the groups were divided.

16:26 -
Mira and Luis getting cosy again. Are Mira's stunts from yesterday excused?

16:15 - Another fight over finished and wasted food. Some housemates take refuge in Macky2's birthday cake.

15:50 -
It's lunch time in the house and the hungry are munching away. In Biggie's house lunch time just means the second meal of the day. Whenever that is.

15:45 -
Music indeed unites us as a people. Tayo joins Esther and Arthur in the hearty singing.

15:40 -
Esther and Arthur sing together, thoroughly enjoying the new terrain as they go through each popular song.

15:32 -
It's relaxed in the house with both teams taking some time out from their performance rehearsals.

15:12 -
Both teams have taken breaks from their rehearsals and relaxing a bit before the final preparations for the extravaganza tonight.

14:41 -
Sheilla's team takes it easy as they work on the last scene of the show.

14:33 - Sabina raises her voice sky-high as she leads a song in her team performance.

13:50 -
Resa slips away into dream-land as her team continues to rehearse. Effects of last night perhaps?

13:16 - Sheillah's team is getting ahead and having fun as they snap fingers away to their songs.

12:59 - Things are seemingly well underway with Laveda's team's performance rehearsal. Both teams are working hard to come out best on tonight's show.

12:30 - The two groups are hard at work, running through their musical skits. It's all or nothing tonight!

12:00 - Ellah asks Permithias to get back inside the house as her team would like to go outside to practice their musical.

11:50 - Permithias secludes himself to get some singing done for the morning.He plays the guitar and sings to himself.

11:40 - Esther does Tayo's hair whilst singing "Biggie I love you..."

11:18 - Lillian is giving Arthur a new look as she braids corn-rows on his hair.

11:00 - Idris, Sabina and Luis dance to music. Sabina is clearly having a good morning.

10:50 - Housemates are all engaged in morning conversation, full from breakfast. Music always fills the background.

10:30 - Esther and Arthur share jokes and some light laughter.

10:15 - Lillian, Tayo and Samantha leading a conversation about Trezagah and his nonexistant game-plan of staying in the house. They laugh about how it may be too late for him.

10:00 - Breakfast is served. Tayo is having a conversation with Lillian about Mira and saying that she must decide whom she is interested in.

09:50 - Esther belts out her own song and Tayo backs her in Michelle's "Say Yes" track.

09:40 - Idris and Goitse get cosy for a minute. Sabina is not giving up on her singing- wearing high-heeled shoes and dancing infront of the mirrior.

09:32 - Breakfast is brewing in the kitchen. Samantha and M'am Bea are preparing some food whilst JJ dries the dishes. Alusa finally ressurrects and joins the housemates.

09:28 - Nhlanhla gives himself a lesson on the piano. Is he perhaps not keen on taking a shower?

09:17 - Luis does his own personal exercise after missing this morning's session.

09:13 - There's always singing in the house. Whether good or bad. Sabina wails freely in the background.

09:10 - It seems the hot water isn't as hot as Biggie promised. Some housemates are already in the shower whilst others are skeptical about going to take a shower.

09:00 - After an intense workout with Reggie, the housemates clean-up, shower and some lie back on their beds and engage in conversation.

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