Sunday, October 12, 2014

Live Updates: Day 7

23:12 - Total nominations: 
Frankie: 8
Tayo: 7
JJ: 7
Permithias: 6
Esther: 5
Sabina: 4
Laveda: 3
Lilian: 3
Alusa: 2
Arthur: 2
Samantha: 1

23:10 - Last nominations: Sipe - Tayo and Permithias, Tayo - JJ and Permithias, Trezagah - Samantha and Esther.

22:58 - More nominations: Sabina - Lilian and Tayo, Samantha - Frankie and Arthur, Sheillah - Frankie and Permithias.

22:47 - M'am Bea nominates Esther and Sabina - Nhlanhla nominates Tayo and Sabina - Permithias nominates Tayo and Frankie. 

22:34 - Luis nominates Alusa and JJ - Mr. 265 nominates Permithias and Arthur - Macky2 nominates Laveda and Frankie.

22:25 - Kacey Moore nominates Frankie and Sabina - Laveda nominates JJ and Frankie - Lilian nominates JJ and Alusa.

22:13 - Idris nominates Frankie and Permithias while JJ nominates Lilian and Laveda.

22:01 - Ellah nominates Tayo and Laveda. Esther goes for JJ and Permithias. Frankie nominates Tayo and JJ. Goitse nominates Esther and Lilian.

21:40 - Arthur nominates JJ and Sabina. Butterphly nominates Frankie and Esther.

21:15 - Nominations start: Alusa nominates Esther and Tayo

20:50 - Team B - 'Waka Waka' is announced the winner of the musical extravaganza. This means that Sheillah, Nhlanhla, Luis, Macky2, Trezagah, Mr. 265, Sipe, Idris, Resa, Ellah, Mira, Butterphly and M'am Bea are immune from nomination this week unless any of them are nominated by the HoH, Laveda.

20:42 - Mira has a chat with IK. She confesses that she grew very close to Luis, but was also 'buddies' with Nhlanhla.

20:37 - Mira from Mozambique is evicted from the Big Brother house.

20:33 - Phyno returns on stage with 'Alobam'.

20:31 - Olamide back on stage performing - 'Story for the gods'.

20:23 - Resa is shown her highlights package.

20:22 - Resa on stage being interviewed by IK. Says she's at peace and she's walking away with an amazing person she met in the house, Sipe.

20:18 - The first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother Hotshots house is: Resa from Zambia.

20:16 - IK tells all the 25 nominated housemates to stand.

20:10 -  Back on stage with IK to evict the first housemate.

20:08 - Commercial break.

20:06 -  Week one highlights shown. The major highlight was housemates winning their 100% wager for the week's task.

20:03 - Olamide and Phyno on stage performing their hit track 'Ghost Mode'.

20:00 - The first live eviction show starts! Who do you think will go home tonight?

18:24 - Housemates are tidying up and packing.

17:50 -
Biggie tells housemates that winners of the extravaganza will be announced at the eviction show and what that means for both teams.

17:43 -
Biggie tells housemates to go into the lounge area. Conversation and laughter continues between the housemates.

17:28 -
Goitse massages Ellah on the couch and warns her not to fall asleep. It seems tensions are building up.

17:14 - Kacey Moore sings and plays the guitar. Trying to accumulate last minute votes perhaps?

16:57 -
Sheillah takes the positive stance. While she may have liked Nhlanhla and wont judge him for kissing Mira but she cant quite trust him after that. He's a lucky lad that Nhlanhla.

16:50 -
Lilian warns Sheillah not be so quick to call people good nor call them your friend. She makes reference to Mira kissing Nhlanhla and turning around and calling herself a friend.

16:40 -
Another spurt for Tayo. Earlier it was Laveda and now Sheillah scolds him for talking down at her. The topic around the table is Mira kissing Luis and then Nhlanhla.

16:35 -
Only hours away from the live show. Don't miss out on exclusive perfomances by rappers Olamide and Phyno.

16:15 - Alusa discusses Nhlanhla about his kissing Mira (whilst Sheillah was watching) with Sheillah, Esther and Lillian. It's an interrogation. 

16:07 -
Mr.265 talks John Travolta.

15:42 -
Nhlanhla and Sheillah cozy up.

15:30 -
Esther raps whilst Sabina lounges in the jacuzzi.

13:28 - Tayo is mad at Laveda.

13:13 -
The housemates choose items off the touch screen.

12:30 -
The artists to perform tonight are Olamide and Phyno, send your questions to twitter using the #AskArtist

11:52 -
Permithias sings his song about the housemates. They love it. He discusses how he freestyles his songs and how he remembers his lyrics through "hooks" and "links"

11:39 - Permithias plays his guitar and sings "Had I known I'd be so strong"  introspective song for an introspective day.

11:12 -
Considering somebody is leaving the house tonight, the housemates are very relaxed and seem to be enjoying each other's company. Who will you be voting for?

10:55 - Idris, Luis and Arthur preen in front of the mirror (well, Idris does, and the rest watch). Yes, Idris, the cameras are watching.

10:45 -
Alusa, "King" Mr.265, Idris and the guys chat about the enjoyment of singing and the girls. "Who's Mira?" one of them quips.

10:30 -
JJ and Kacey serenade Mira.

10:15 - Alusa, Frankie and some of the guys talk African languages, dialects and accents. Arthur tells them the name for love in Pemba and they find it amusing how most African languages are missing the letter 'R' in their alphabet.

10:00 -
Resa stepped onto the shards of broken glass last night and as result seems incapacitated. Her bestie Sipe carres her up the stairs and provide a helping hand.

09:40 - Idris has become somewhat the clown of the house and wherever her is, the fun is, and hey, it certainly doesnt hurt that he is a good looking bloke.

09:32 - Housemates enter into their grooming routines as Laveda treats herslef to a face mask and Butterphly updates her short hair do.

09:18 - Master of the theatre JJ waists no time and hurl Goitse into his favourite topic: 'industry' talk.

09:05 - Tayo and Esther launch into their list of 'shout-out's' for the morning. They ask viewers, friends and family to pray for their success in tonight's eviction show.

09:03 - Some housemates struggle to peal themselves out of bed while the rest rise, shine and get to cleaning to the sound of some proudly African soothing tunes.

09:00 - Mr. 265 enters into a solitary grueling work out ahead of the day.

08:45 - Welcome to Day 7 of Big Brother Hotshots. Whew! what a week.


  1. i lke mira she hav got my vote for any thng she does

  2. I just like Idris, he is a hard to hate guy.

  3. Permithias all de way

  4. I just love Mira

  5. Permithias the best

  6. I dont understand why sammartha don that for the reason that frenk and arthur are came from ane cauntry

  7. Can some1 tell me the final list of housemates up for possible eviction

  8. Mira was supposed to stay for awhile!! We want drama-she was full of it

  9. Samatha why,did you ever wacth bba rember last year two angola guys was up for nomonation and bouth let the house the same time is it what you wanted with arthur and Frank or what.

  10. Shilla we behind yu gal, nomatter what!

  11. Macky 2 all da way

    1. Aint nobody playin it real and safe like my big brother Macky 2.

    2. loving Tayo n Lillian all d wayyyyyyyyyyyyy