Monday, October 13, 2014

Live Updates: Day 8

21:00 - Esther, Tayo and Lilian reflect on their nominated status. Tayo spits a rap to silence the haters.

20:34 - As Head of House, Samantha adds Ellah to the list. So the nominees this week are: Esther, Frankie, JJ, Laveda, Lilian, Sabina, Tayo and Ellah. But also Permithias has to be on this list as he received 6 nominations.

20:31 - Big Brother announces that the nominated housemates for possible eviction this week are: Esther, Frankie, JJ, Laveda, Lilian, Sabina and Tayo.

20:10 - In her Diary session, Butterphly says she is honoured to have made it to the second week. She didn't think Samantha would take it at the Head of House challenge but she thinks she's good enough.

20:00 -
With Esther dynamite most certainly came in small packages. The dynamo, fondly known as Small Pepper jovially launches into her Diary session. She was affected by the evictions because she had formed bonds with Mira and Resa.

19:50 -
Alusa admits he was impressed with the 'intellecualls' Extravaganza performance and his own team was complacent. The eviction show disturbed him and he would have rather not gotten into it. It was a reminder that the game was now on.

19:45 -
Nhlanhla is a man with a stragety and in his Diary session he reveals he was shocked to see Mira leave this past weekend.

19:30 - Housemates congratulate Tayo and say a little prayer for his new born son.

19:10 -
Tayo is a father! News just in from Biggie. Congrats Tayo.

18:23 -
A dance instructor arrives to warm the housemates up and give them a break down on influence and techniques around modern dance.

18:17 -
Permithias beautifully sings over the guitar in Afrikaans.

17:43 - The housemates are told to go outside by Biggie.

17:20 -
The housemates have been seperated into their two seperate groups however they all play the word association game to much hilarity.

16:59 - Samantha reads out the selection process for the dance wager task.The Big Brother ninja enters the house and the housemates get their coloured balls.

16:51 - Idris, Alusa, Arthur, JJ, Luis and Nhlanhla play a word association game. HoH is called to the Diary Room.

16:10 - Macky2 is next up for Biggie. The extravaganza win empowered him after the "David and Goliath" type win..

16:05 -
Ellah is next up for the Diary Room, she is pleased she is still in the house. She misses Mira the most out of the two.

16:00 -
M'am Bea talks about the extravaganza show and about the evicted girls, she is philosphical about it. She discusses tension in the house.

15:47 -
Kacey Moore is called into the Diary Room. He had a rollercoaster weekend. He is not happy with the amount of cursing in the house, toned down a bit. He sends a heartfelt message to his daughter Jo Jo and his wife.

15:34 - Lilian and Samantha wash clothing. Tayo: "You know what I am saying?" Goitse: "You get, you get". Laveda is called into the Diary Room, her first post HoH session, she is asked to wait by Biggie. She felt the extravaganza result was fair.

15:23 -
Samantha reads out this week's task. It's a modern dance battle!

15:14 - Housemates wager 100% for this week's task.

14:50 - Tayo is called into the Diary Room. He says he doesn't feel 100%.

14:45 -
Arthur cried because Resa left the house. He thinks that the extravaganza result was fair.

14:38 -
Permithias discusses talent and making sure he rests properly to be able to sing.

14:31 -
Trezegah chats with Biggie, he talks about the people who are having relationships.

14:21  - Idris is in the confession room with Biggie. He was scared he was going to be eliminated. He mentions the date he wants to have with Goitse.

14:13  -
Diary sessions start: Samantha discusses being elected Head of House with Biggie. Frankie is then called into the Diary Room, he feels that the game has truly begun.

14:07 -
Ellah says she is sad that Mira left the house and how Biggie played with her at the evictions show, keeping her in suspense. Susan Boyle is Ellah's hero.

13:45 - Plans are afoot for setting up Idris up with Goitse. Ellah offers to be the waitress. Esther breaks down and cries.

13:35 -
Ellah and Alusa discuss girls with Idris and Trezagah. "I think Frankie likes you" Alusa tells Ellah who is giving JJ a massage.

13:17 -
Samantha,Tayo, Lilian and Esther talk about nominations.

12:26 - Big Brother announces Samantha as the new Head of House. She is "The rose among the thorns".

12:18 - Housemates move back to the garden for the HoH task. Others watch as the qualifying housemates get to it. It's no easy task, the race is tight and eggs are breaking in the process .....but ...Samantha wins it!

12:02 - Housemates are gathered in the lounge as Laveda reads out the Head of House task for the 5 qualifying housemates. Its an egg holder task. The 5 Housemates must move the eggs from egg baskets through a netting and place them in egg holders, the first housemate to fill all the egg holders will become this week's Head of House.

11:52 - Samantha finds the fifth needle. Which means Alusa, Tayo, Kacey Moore, Nhlanhla and Samantha will participate in this week's HoH task.

11:48 - Housemates get to it. They are 5 needles so only 5 housemates will participate in the HoH task. So far. Alusa, Tayo, Kacey Moore and Nhlanhla have found and needle each. 1 more to go.

11:46 - Housemates move to the garden for the HoH qualification task.

11:13 - Big Brother tells all housemates to gather in the lounge for the HoH to read the task brief again. Laveda reads out the task for the qualifying round. It's Digging for needles in a haystack. Each Housemate who finds a needle will participate in the HoH task.

11:07 - Last week's HoH, Laveda reads a task brief: It's time to choose the second HoH. But this season Housemates must qualify to participate in the Head of House task through a qualifying round.

11:01 - Samantha and Lilian discuss alpha males in the house with Tayo.

10:58 - Breakfast is served.

10:55 - Sabina and Permithias are snuggling, Sabina is gently rubbing his head.

10:37 -
Butterphly and Ellah have a prayer meeting.

10:33 - As they wait for breakfast, Housemates are gathered around the kitchen counter conversing.
10:23 - Lilian twerks as Tayo drums.

10:07 -
JJ uses Alusa as a weight during their morning exercise. Alusa's short

09:48 -
Luis starts his morning routine, while Kacey Moore and Frankie chat about a music career in Africa.

09:34 -
Breakfast begins with Kacey Moore getting busy in the kitchen.

09:15 - Morning chores are in full swing.

09:00 - RJ Benjamin returns to take the housemates through more vocal exercises.

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