Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Live Updates: Day 9

21:02 - Permithias picks up his guitar and contemplates the unexpected blow of the night. Sabina and Luis comfort him.

20:37 - Big Brother announces that Permithias is also up for eviction this week.

20:15 -
They've never worked this hard before! Dancing continues inside and outside the house, until Biggie calls them all together.

19:35 -
The housemates are working well together on their dance routines.

19:09 - Rehearsals continue in earnest. The housemates are taking this task seriously!

18:51 -
More dancing goes down, while other pump weights in the garden, making the most of their new gym.

18:24 - Housemates dance, sleep and talk to Biggie.

18:04 -
Diary room sessions continue with Kacey Moore, Sheillah, JJ and Alusa.

17:39 - Luis gets emotional over Mira in the diary room.

17:30 -
Dairy sessions continue.

17:15 -
Another argument ensues about the modern dance battle, while Kacey Moore practises his dance moves inside.

17:00 -
Housemates move outside to receive their backdrops for the task.

16:00 - Housemates chill in the kitchen, eating. Idris has been inseperable from Goitse all day, but is she interested? 

15:43 - In his Diary session, Trezagah says that he feels uncomfortable as he is "not a good dancer" but that he will try his best.

15:32 -
Laveda plays her saxophone. Frankie is called to the Diary Room three times. He feels his patience has grown. Frankie asks if Biggie will play his music in the house.

15:28 - Goitse feels 100% confident of winning the wager. She gets along with Arther, Laveda and Idris, and she had a slight disagreement with Sheillah but that it is now sorted.

15:23 -
Nhlanhla discusses Sheillah and he discusses his strategy in the house.

15:17 -
Permithias is in the Diary Room, he is talking about being in the same bed as Laveda. Nhanhla is called in as soon as Permithias leaves the Diary Room.

15:00 -
Laveda talks about the task and feels that she is feeling well despite being nominated.

14:52 -
Samantha discusses what she has changed in the house. She is trying to minimize the swearing in the house and a proper cooking list in place as well as chore lists.

14:48 - Lilian discusses how much she loves twerking, she says it is a "medical condition", it keeps her happy.

14:40 -
Esther is in the Diary Room, she discusses the mood in the house, being up for nomination. "Let's abolish Ebola" she says at the end of her session.

14:31 -
Sabina is summoned to the Diary Room. She says that Samantha is okay as a HoH. "She's not really standing out as a leader".

14:24 -
Luis, Permithias and Frankie carry on working out.

14:01 - Sipe tells Biggie that she is enjoying the task for this week. She feels that a 100% bet on the wager is a bit overconfident.

13:51 -
Arthur is in the Diary Room and he finds Samantha patient and a good choice for HoH. Butterphly is next in the Diary Room.

13:40 - Kacey Moore, Tayo, Samantha and M'am Bea choose their track, a cool smooth hip hop classical mash-up.

13:31 -
The choreographers/instructors take each group through their paces.

13:19 -
The dance instructors come in and the housemates have ten minutes to choose a song.

13:13 -
Biggie calls the housemates into the living room and some music is played in the house.

12:50 -
The housemates go outside to find gym equipment. The weights are liberally used.

12:47 -
Alusa's team are making headway withn their choreography.

12:30 - It's all choreography and practice.

12:03 -
Due to the error in last night's final Nominations. Endemol SA and Multichoice Africa have made a decision to close voting and re-open it tonight at 20:30 (CAT).

12:03  -
Practise continues into the afternoon.

11:37 - Permithias leads the choreography rehearsals for his team whilst Arthur leads his.

11:23 -
HoH Samantha reads out the new instructions for their task.

11:16 -
Butterphly, Permithias and JJ chat in the kitchen. Samantha is called into the Diary Room.

11:01 - Esther climbs all over Permithias.

10:40 -
Alusa and Arthur do their laundry. Biggie tells all the housemates to go inside the house and shut the doors.

10:01 - Lilian calls Idris, sits him down and gives him a lap dance.

09:50 -
Sheillah leads the singing in the kitchen as conversation continues to flow over breakfast. Esther seems adamant to establish herself as a formiddable singer in the house.

09:40 - Permithias and Kacey Moore talk about how to deal with unpleasant confrontations in the house. Kacey advises Permithias to "chill" and not fret about having to explain himself to anyone.
09:28 - Tayo gets down to his own exercise in the bedroom and in the kitchen, oats is making JJ sing.

09:00 - Housemates settle around the kitchen table to have some oats, prepared by Sheillah.

08:50 - Tayo launches another rant for the morning.

08:40 - M'am Bea is teaching Frankie some dance moves. Frankie is proving to be a good student.

08:30 - On a cool and breezy Tuesday morning, housemates are treated to another dance exercise routine. The instructor, Butle, surely got the housemates dancing and sweating away!


  1. Wats wit all d negative report about Tayo!! Africa Unite against dis Hate campaign!!! Vote Tayo!!!

    1. Tayo all de way,haters get it in to ur skulls cos tayo is here to win de cash.

  2. I wonder how a big show like this can make a mistake like the one with Permithias- it shouldn't be repeated, ever!!!

  3. Hater's should go to hell, Tayo is the man and d money is his, i vote u Tayo pls vote for him;

  4. I wonder why other African countries would always want to see Nigeria out of the game? Are they so scared? They are just panicking all over the place as if they saw Lions. I pray they drop their sentiments and play the game appropriately. We are all children of the same MAMA Africa.

  5. Hell, these above comments are ridiculous! Can't you guys see or hear? Our representatives from Nigeria are a joke! Tayo is so immature and speaks so horribly he can't make one clean sentence without saying "you know what I mean" . gosh I have to change the channel every time is is on the screen! Lilian can't also speak well, however better than Tayo. Bt she talks too much for her own good! I just ask myself, why the two of them?! There had to be better people in the auditions! My God!