Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lost Voices

Today Permithias has hardly been a part of the loud voices in the house. Could it be that he is preserving his voice for tonight? The soulful crooner isolated himself outside of the house earlier today and showed off his vocal ability to Africa. Is this his way of scoring more votes from Africa? By warming their hearts separately from the rest of housemates?

Samantha is another Hotshot that has been somewhat quiet and distant from us today. She is usually busy in the kitchen and getting into arguments and heated debates. The last we heard from her was during the gossip session that she held with Lilian and Tayo.  What could her plan be? Perhaps she is planning on bringing her fire later tonight at the extravaganza.

Sabina started off on a high note in the morning as she danced and twirled in a perfect stiletto. She dominated the voices in her team during their rehearsal with her singing but has since quietened down. She looked tired after their rehearsal so maybe she has decided to rest for a little bit.

JJ is another one that has gone quiet on Africa. We haven't heard much from him at all today. What is his plan as director of his team’s show? The singer has also avoided debates and fights and had nothing to say with the latest fight over food running out before other housemates had eaten. Idris has also shied away with his sense of humour. Maybe it’s the separation between him and Arthur; belonging into different groups.

With these lost voices, we are still kept entertained by the existing housemates who remain present: Tayo, Lillian, Esther and Sheillah, just to name some of the prominent ones.

Whose voice do you miss today in the house?

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