Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lovie-Dovie Hotshots

Sheillah has not been a consistently happy girl as she has been growing anxious about the the fact that she is up for possible eviction this week. She expressed to Nhlanhla that she was sad about being nominated and Nhlanhla advised her not to stress about anything but that she should rather be positive and not preoccupy her mind with thoughts of the eviction show.

Sheilla was very upset and felt that Nhlanhla was dismissing her feelings by not allowing her to wallow in her emotions for as long as she felt she needed to. Things got worse between the two when the housemates were deciding on this week's wager. Sheillah disagreed that they should go for another 100% wager because of their previous loss. Nhlanhla responded and said that they shouldn't dwell on past experiences.  Sheillah was even more upset by this as she again felt that Nhlanhla was being dismissive of her feelings, again. The two kept apart from each other as there was trouble in paradise.

A day later things changed as they had a moment to talk things over. Sheillah spoke about what she hadn't appreciated about Nhlanhla's cold shoulder and she recalled how he didn't cuddle with her yesterday and was basically not about her when they went to bed. Nhlanhla also told her that he did not appreciate how she spoke to him and about him to her friends. The two had a long conversation over a tub of ice-cream and at the end of it all, all was sorted in their paradise.

They looked so cute together as Nhlanhla soon resumed flirting with his "wife", kissing her arm and calling her "Shey".  What did you think of their relationship?


  1. This relationship is the TRUTH!....Not pretentious at all! The conversations are real and em! Vote Sheillah! Goitse till day 63!!!