Thursday, October 23, 2014

Luis Threatens To Leave The House

Following this morning's exercise session with Rosa, Macky2, Kacey Moore, Alusa and Mr. 265 huddled together to discuss Luis and how he seems to be wanting to leave the Big Brother house. The gents had discovered that Luis had slept outside of the house and in the morning had rung the bell to the diary room to possibly tell Biggie that he wanted to leave the house. Housemates had discovered that his bags were packed and read that as a sign that he definitely wanted to leave.

JJ and Idris quickly went over to Luis who had been sitting outside the diary room. Both these guys tried to convince him to not give up and soon they walked away from the diary room. JJ served him with breakfast and it seemed that he had calmed down. Idris spent the better half of the morning talking to him and telling him that failing was not about falling but was about whether or not one got up. With that, JJ called to Idris from the kitchen and demanded that he do some cleaning.

Alusa told the gentlemen around him that they should lookout for each other and avoid circumstances like that which Luis found himself in. Macky2 and others started recalling how Luis had reached out to them to ask for conversation and regretted having not made time for him. JJ made a vow to keep him in the house and later went to him again to encourage and cheer him up.

However, it seems the Namibian has calmed down and the housemates have from the morning scare of his threats to leave the house.


  1. macy 22,please go ,stop being a hypocrit

    1. Mind your own business you hater. Can't compare him to that idiot tayo who is ever acting childish

  2. Let him leave he is nt th only fish in the sea