Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Lunch Is On The Boys!

The ladies in the house have been taking care of the cooking and making sure that everyone is fed from breakfast to supper. M'am Bea and her assistant Sabina, can finally relax and and not worry about preparing lunch for everyone. In the kitchen to prepare lunch today is JJ and Alusa!

Frankie said that he would cook but as things have it, he hasn't lived up to his word. Maybe he will be in charge of supper, who knows? He said beef was on the menu but is that what Alusa and JJ are busy cooking up? It will be interesting to see what they come up with and if the housemates enjoy it. Are the girls up for a serious challenge from the boys where their cooking is concerned? Only time will tell.

Housemates are still busy with preparations for tonight's show. Laveda continues to walk around whilst blowing her saxophone. One wonders what is on Luis’ mind as he lies on his bed, seemingly deep in thought. Samantha sits quietly coloured by a bright red lipstick, going through something on a note-pad. Goitse and Esther practice dance moves- could they be working on a collaborative piece for Biggie?  Permithias, Nhlanhla, M'am Bea and Sheillah enjoy conversation with background music from Laveda's sax.

The housemates are quietly (except for Laveda) going on with their business, potentially privately working on tonight's show. Perhaps at the back of their minds, they wonder when lunch will be served.

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