Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Maintaining The Physique

This morning the housemates were treated to another intense and fun dance session. The dance instructor, Butle, told the housemates that the point was to have a good time as they exercised. Evidently Biggie is hard at work with equipping the Hotshots with valuable skills that the two newly divided teams could incorporate and manipulate into their new task.

Soon after the session was over with Butle, housemates sauntered back into the house; some going for a shower and others settling around the kitchen table, waiting for breakfast to be ready. Having not perhaps felt satisfied from the morning session, Nhlanhla, JJ, Luis, Idris, Alusa and Trezagah soon launched into their own intense training. We all know what happens to those muscles if they are not looked after and maintained.

JJ soon took the lead with coordinating the small team in the exercise routine, ensuring that they were working all the significant parts of the body, especially the abs. The boys are clearly serious about maintaining their physical appearance. We have witnessed Tayo and Luis individually doing their own exercises in the event that they miss out on the morning sessions. Seemingly the ladies in the house will have to wake up (a note to Butterphly), pull up their socks and work on those figures just as hard as the boys!

The housemates are already working on their dance moves as they also moved on to practicing some dance moves soon after the morning session. Frankie and M'am Bea started off with the dancing as Frankie got taught a thing or two by M'am Bae. And what would the day be without Lilian's twerking? Tayo beat the drum as his fellow 'sister' from back home wiggled along. In no time a group dance ensued comprising of Luis, Lillian, JJ, Esther, Frankie and our new father in the house on the drums. Everyone is either getting some form of workout or is about to, with Biggie's new task.

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