Wednesday, October 08, 2014

M'am Bea's Soul Food

With the morning session over, housemates leave the lounge area with heavy hearts after the emotionally-draining hour spent with Clint Brink. Housemates rehash Sabina's monologue and Sipe shares that she had read a similar story before. Although housemates were touched by her performance, could her monologue have been plagiarised perhaps?

Soon after, the housemates were all smiles again. Some gathered outside for some physical exercise (Samantha, Frankie, Tayo and Trezagah), some worked on their posters and some others engaged in conversation. As it was shower-hour, other housemates took the opportunity to shower and soon gravitated towards the kitchen for M'am Bea's soul food.

As the housemates would have it, M'am Bea was already in the kitchen doing her bit as self-assigned 'resident chef'. She was busy whipping up a mouth-watering omelette for those who were ready to eat. The boys really appreciate her for feeding them. Permithias exclaimed on Day 1 that she was wife-material. Idris put his arm over M'am Bea, clearly expressing his appreciation for her cooking. Can her ‘fans’ be trusted not to nominate her so soon into the show?

With housemates munching away, the kitchen was soon dominated by the all-clean-and-showered Sabina, who has also been working together with M'am Bea in cooking meals for the housemates.

Everyone in the house seems happy at this point as they continue to work on their tasks and support each other by constructively criticizing each other's work. Biggie has advised the HoH to caution the housemates that they should be at the final  stages of their tasks.

Are you looking forward to the performances tonight? 

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