Thursday, October 09, 2014

Mira and Luis Get Closer

In a shocking contradiction to his diary session on Day 3, Luis is now seemingly falling for another girl. Yesterday he told Biggie that he had been increasingly taking a liking to Lilian but figured that she was not interested in him and that their friendship would not develop further. He then said that he would be focusing on his game moving on and making sure that he gave off his best.

Today (Day 4) Luis seems to be getting closer and closer with Mira. In fact after Sheillah's intervention as cupid, the two ended up sharing a bed, cuddled like star-crossed lovers yesterday. And we can't help but wonder if Luis did not steal a kiss from that moment.

Today Mira walked over to sit herself next to Luis and placed her one leg on top of him. Their physical interaction developed and soon the couple had their arms wrapped around each other, whispering sweet-nothings. Things seem to be getting serious from the look and sound of things. Luis was heard affirming that he was now feeling better when Mira asked him how he was doing. Could it have been that it was because he was next to her?

Soon after the couple started talking about evictions and Luis expressed his confidence that she isn't going anywhere and Mira reciprocated the same faith that he would also stay on the show. Luis caressed her back as he said, "We are going to make this work no matter what happens on Sunday". To this Mira responded by stroking his face and getting closer to him.

Could this be the first budding romance in the Big Brother House?

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