Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mira On The Wall

It appears that Luis is falling deeper and deeper for Mira by the day. This is ironic seeing as the Mozambican belle is long gone, but never forgotten apparently.

After forming a whirlwind romance with Luis, Mira fell out of the game when she was one of the first housemates to be evicted from the house. Luis shed real tears when his beau was sent packing, traumatised that a love so deep could end so soon.

Since then Luis has not been quite the same and we chanced a guess that the boy is suffering from some kind of withdrawal from his long lost love.

After they lost their wager it seemed the walls seemed to be caving in when he broke down about past failed relationships and missing Mira like mad. So bad it was that he entertained the thought of leaving the house and maybe finding Mira so that they could live happily ever after?

Things are better now and Luis is emerging from his slump. Feeling inspired during Performance Week he penned an ode to Mira to be composed by musician extraordinaire Permithias. He called the love song "Mira on the Wall" and in it he professed his undying fondness of her. He also suggests it was love at first sight.

Late last night the Namibian confessed to Frankie that he is going to find Mira on the outside and lure her in by hook or crook (should she have a boyfriend) because according to him they simply were meant to be.

Wherever Mira is, we hope she was paying attention to all the love over the airwaves. 

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  1. For sum reason i realy doubt Mira is out ther sulking for Luis....considering she kissed another guy ryt in front of him...what more away from him? Luis honey...u ar a nice b careful...nice guys always come in last.....your obsession over Mira is the end of ur game....snapp out of it swity! you ar one foot out the door!.....Shame...I love you though! #Team Goitse!!