Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mr. 265's Apology

There has been something brewing between Butterphly and Mr. 265 over the past couple of days. The pair found a common ground in each other as they were both wordsmiths. This sparked a friendship which then went from platonic to… shall we say complicated?

The status today however was decidedly complicated with a big "C". During their separate diary sessions the issue was fleshed out with Biggie.

According to Butterphly Mr. 265 was hitting on her but doing a dismal job of it. While she had expressed her distaste she also realised she wasn’t as stern as she ought to have been. She blamed that on her cavalier nature. Things escalated in their strangeness when Butterphly started feeling that Mr.265 was taking more and more cheap shots in her direction. She reckoned because she had rejected him he turned to being patronising towards her.

For Mr. 265 things were different. To him Butterphly may have been jealous of his relationship with the boys. He wasn’t spending much time with her anymore and so she felt he was avoiding her. This was not that case, only really a misunderstanding.

The two really had a connection and Mr. 265 later approached her to iron things out. He recited a heartfelt apology which clearly tugged at the heart strings of Butterphly as she accepted it.

But could we be sure that there wasn’t more to this story?

Earlier on Nhlanhla and Sheillah had a discrete discussion about a dalliance between Mr.265 and M'am Bea which made us wonder what Mr. 265's game-plan was here.

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  1. nhlanhla was the first hmate to complain about laveda's choice of choosing and now he did same thing choosing the strongest people in the house.