Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Couple Alert! Samantha & Idris

For a while now we have noticed how Samantha has shown to have a soft spot for Idris and we have wondered if there could be more than what meets the eye from these two. Samantha has often simply referred to Idris as her "little brother". We wonder how long this fa├žade (if indeed it is) will last for as the two have upgraded their "brother and sister" relationship to sharing a bed together. Do siblings still do this sort of thing though?

At the beginning, the two did not spend much time together and Samantha was never as passionate about Idris as she is now. The South African lady quickly became preoccupied in the second week of the show, initially as the head of house. In the third week, she was seen allowing more time for herself and Idris to talk and bond. Things have since escalated as the two have been seen cuddling on each other’s beds and on the house. They have generally looked happy together!

Just yesterday, Samantha (and M'am Bea) offered their sympathy to Idris who was hard at work in the kitchen. He had to put in much more work as part of his punishment – which JJ was to oversee. And it was interesting that JJ was the one that would facilitate his punishment for his Friday drama. JJ made it clear that he was very interested in Samantha and this week, he mentioned how he disliked the fact that the young Idris hung around a lot with "his girl".

It was interesting to watch the two bond and share laughter with each other. If anything was to develop between them, Samantha would have to make sure that JJ did not interfere and Idris would have to bury his interest on Goitse. Whilst Samantha calls Idris her "baby brother", Idris merely believes they are close and cannot change their friendship to make JJ comfortable.

What do you make of these two? Do you think they will end as just friends or siblings?

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  1. Yet to read an article about Idris without any direct or indirect reference to Goitse.......let it go people! The two kids already have. Any way gud luck to these two!!!Goitse til day 63!