Monday, October 20, 2014

Nhlanhla Is The New Head Of House

First was the qualifier task and housemates had to try their best to guess the number of jellybeans that were in the jar and write the estimated number on the boards that they were provided with. When they were done, they held up their boards to clearly display the number that they had guessed.

The 5 Housemates that were to guess the closest number to the actual number of jellybeans would then progress on to the next round and compete in the Head of House task.

Housemates were prohibited from touching or shaking the jar and were to leave the jar untouched after the qualifying round. The challenge was on as housemates deliberated on the possible actual number jellybeans in the jar. Sheillah and Nhlanhla were both very open about wanting to be the next Head of House. Nhlanhla could do with the win as he could automatically be immune to nominations while Sheillah felt she felt in danger and wanted to win as well.

When the results were announced, the jar had 5954 jellybeans and the 5 housemates that guessed closest to this number were Ellah, Sheillah, Tayo, M'am Bea and Nhlanhla. The five winners automatically qualified to participate in the Head of House challenge.

For the final task, Big Brother arranged the "Bobbing for Head of House Task" in the garden in which housemates would challenge each other. The housemates' hands were tied behind their backs and each had to stand behind a bowl. Each bowl contained both black and white balls and as well as coloured balls. At the sound of the buzzer, the housemates had to use their mouths to retrieve only the coloured balls from the bowl. Housemates had to run across the garden to the opposite end of the garden where they would drop the ball into a plastic tube.

The first housemate to fill their tube with only the coloured balls from their bowl would win the next Head of House. Nhalnhla was more physical than the rest and won the challenge beating Tayo closely.

After being announced the new Head of House for this week, the South African automatically became immune to the nominations despite being one of the top nominees in last evening's nominations.

As the HoH, he also got powers to add any housemate to the nomination list during tonight's nomination show. Who do you think Nhalnhla will add?

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